Umer Javed

I have 4 years of experience in the field of Data Science and product management. I have been the part of Healthcare industry as well as Software industry. I have been doing data analysis, reporting, applying machine learning models, and managing the product.


Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, Linux, Google-Cloud-Platform, DevOps, SQL, Bash, Git, Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, Java, Eclipse, Selenium

Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist at Hauraki,                       Aug 2021 ~ Present

  • Working on Python related tasks.
  • Working on Data Science and Machine Learning projects.

Associate Engineering Manager at VisionX,          Mar 2021 ~ Aug 2021

  • Managed the product.
  • Communicated with the client.
  • Lead the team of Data Scientists and Computer Vision Engineers.

Senior Data Scientist at VisionX,                        May 2020 ~ Mar 2021

I worked on following project:

  • Receipts item level information extraction
As a Lead Role, I have performed following duties:

  • Communicated with the client.
  • Lead the team of Data Scientists.
  • Lead the team of Data Entry operators.
  • Created analytical reports.

Data Scientist at VisionX,                                      Sep 2019 ~ Apr 2020

I worked on following project:

  • Receipts information extraction using OCR
  • Information extraction from digital invoices and classifying based on type
  • Smart digital concierge to address customer queries

Senior Data Scientist at MTBC,                             Jan 2019 ~ Sep 2019

I lead/supervised following projects:

  • Information extraction using OCR
  • Interactive voice response automation
  • Healthcare chatbot for talkEHR

Data Scientist at MTBC,                                        Aug 2018 ~ Dec 2018

I lead/supervised following projects:

  • Advanced healthcare assistant
  • Auto complaint clustering
  • Predicting ICD codes given an ICD code
  • Support center messages redirection
  • National drug code Extraction

Junior Data Scientist at MTBC,                             Jun 2017 ~ Jul 2018

I worked on following projects:

  • Symptoms to ICD10 prediction
  • History of presenting illness generation
  • Financial forecasting for medical claims


DevOps Essentials for GCP

Issuing Organization: Udemy

Issue Date: April 2020

Credential URL

GCP Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Issuing Organization: Coursera

Issue Date: July 2020

Credential URL


National University of Science and Technology, MS in Computer Science, 2018 ~ 2020

Majors: Deep/Machine Learning, Advanced Data Science, and Data Mining

Thesis: Forecasting of Electricity Generation for Hydro Power Plants [LSTM, RandomForest]

Publication: https://doi.org/10.1109/HONET50430.2020.9322841

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, BS in Computer Science, 2013 ~ 2017

Majors: Deep/Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, and Software Testing
Final Year Project: XRay2Report [Deep/Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Android, OpenCV]

Degree Projects

Clash Removal System [Python, Genetic and CSP Algorithms]

A clash removal schedule system for university by using AI algorithms.

Movie Recommender [Android, Collaborative Filtering, Content Provider, Retrofit, Picasso]

An android application for recommending movies and anime to the user based on user-user and item-item based collaborative filtering.

Person’s Activity Predictor [Python, RandomForest]

Trained and predicted the person’s motion given the data with a log loss of 0.00012 on 5 million records.

Chatterbox [Java, JavaFX, MySQL]

A hybrid version of Skype and WhatsApp with text translation embedded in chatting, having features like audio/video calling.

Awards & Honors

Listed in Dean’s List of NUCES-FAST

and Honors List of NUST

INTRAFAST'17 Speed Programming Competition Winner

NaSCon’18 DataScience Competition Winner

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