Yung-Hsuan (Grace) Tien

Digital Transformation Facilitator/ UX / Digital Product Owner with 5 year+ experience in digital products ,ecommerce, startup, websites, and APPs. I'm also a passionate learner who enjoy learning new technologies and new techniques.

Product Manager
新北市永和, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Nu Skin Taiwan, Digital Commerce Supervisor, May 2019 ~ Present

Roles & Responsibilities:

★ Responsible for digital transformation in NU SKIN TW, such as Scrum facilitation, Customer Experience (CX) Optimization, digital analytics, and organization of multi-channel digital communication and marketing.
★ Collaborate closely with Global CX team and Global Digital Analytics team to localize global strategy in TW market.
★ Launch and facilitate first cross-functional Scrum teams in Nu Skin TW, assist local cross-departmental stakeholders from understanding customers (consumers/ leaders/ employees) needs, creating wireframes, specifications and data requirements.
★ Collaborate closely with data experts and IT in implementing GA/GTM, Firebase, Hotjar, and Qualtrics to track digital experience data from zero.
★ Form and lead the cross-functional digital campaign solution scrum team of 4 people, manage project roadmap, backlogs, risks and issues, and report team updates to management level.
★ Controlling budget and leverage the value of external agencies.

Key Achievements:

★ Scrum Facilitation & CX Optimization:
.Introducing Scrum and CX Journey Map to Management level and core members through 5+ internal and external consultant workshops.
.Launch and facilitate cross-functional Scrum teams from demand gathering to new NUTOWN web/app features launch - “Personal Offer”, “Success Trip Qualification “, and “Vera Skin Consultation”.

★ Digital Analytics:
.Design and build up TW CX journey Dashboard, tracking key indexes from customer journeys – Learn, Act, Repurchase, Share, Qualification, and Communication.
.2+ internal digital data onboarding training to Management level and facilitate +80% data-driven decisions.

★ Digital Communication:
.Start tracking performance from digital communication channels – SMS, App push, LINE, FB, Group, Campaign, KOLs.
.Generating digital leads for our new products – Nutricential and Brighter, creating +50% new users, and ROAS 18.


Rakuten Taiwan, User Experience Researcher, Nov 2018 ~ Mar 2019

Roles & Responsibilities:

★ Collaborate closely with PMs, UX designers, UI designers in exploring user needs.
★ Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to explore consumer needs and convert insights into possible solutions and business opportunities.
★ Utilize user research methods, such as journal, card sorting, user journey, persona, KANO modal, System Usability Scale (SUS), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Likert satisfaction score, etc. to explore user needs.
★ Report research finding to stakeholders and all employees on a regular basis.
★ Lead an assistant in understanding research and statistic methods.

Key Achievements:

★ Conduct Rakuten Super Point research, define four type of point users – proactive user, money-safer, optimists, and passives – and come out with potential solutions to attract specific type of users.
★ Conduct large scale (10,000+) NPS and satisfaction questionnaires and find out key factors of user recommendation.


School of Continuing Education, Chinese Culture University, Service Designer / Digital Product Specialist, Jul 2016 ~ Nov 2018

Worked in the User Experience Design Sector of Educational Technology Business Department, a tech startup team.

Roles & Responsibilities:

★ Collaborate closely with product supervisor and UI designer to create product portfolio, UX framework and workflow at the very beginning stage of product development.
★ Conduct user research and interviews to explore user needs, and convert insights into the value proposition.
★ Translate user stories and business requirements into specifications, wireframes, and UX flow.
★ Optimize product developing process:
★ Introduce UI prototyping technique (e.g. Invision, Prott) and reduce communication costs. (
★ Facilitate Scrum and Kanban process, and be the bridge between UI designers and engineers by building consensus about task priorities.
★ Define and apply data tracking (Firebase and App Center) to our product.
★ Define and establish multi-language development in our App and administration website.

Key Achievements:

★ Build Qubo – Smart Room Assistant from zero to MVP and Launch in 2 years.
★ Pitched and demonstrated our product in front of potential investors in Xiamen ( ).
★ Awarded the 2017 Golden Thumb Team (the Top 5 most productive departments of the year).

Side projects:

★ Attended 2018 NASA Hackathon won a special prize – 環宇關懷獎 by building a weather learning platform within 48hr. (Pitch PPT: )
★ Attended Haoshi Bootcamp in August 2018. Brainstormed ideas, built business model, prototype, and pitched within 3 days. (Experience sharing: )
★ Gave a lecture about UX career and work experiences to undergraduate psychology students in April 2017. ( )
★ Joined the concept development & idea generation session in the beginning of class interaction APP - iCan, the Online Learning Circle.


Psychology Department, National Taiwan University, Graduate Research Assistant, Sep 2013 ~ Jan 2016

Worked in Explorer of Perception and Attention Lab (EPA), directed by Prof. Su-Ling Yeh .

Roles & Responsibilities:

★ Investigated visual perception and attention issues, and asked questions about human consciousness.
★ Designed quantitative research methods, recruited participants, conducted both behavioral and Event-related potential (ERP) visual experiments, and drew conclusions by data analyzing.
★ Literature review and data report on a regular basis.

Key Achievements:

★ 2 journal publications, e.g. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci, and PLOS ONE.
★ 5 international conference poster presentations, e.g. 2015 19th ASSC, 2014 10th APCV.
★ 2 local conference oral presentations, e.g. 2014 53th TPA.


Himax Imaging, Visual Perception Research Intern, Jul 2015 ~ Aug 2015

Roles & Responsibilities:

★ Define possible research projects related to visual perception and image quality.
★ Literature review and report on a regular basis.

Key Achievements:

★ Introduced and established visual research methods for the image sensor company, as the first psychological background intern.
★ Accomplished the first visual research project – The subjective perception of light damping algorithm and gender difference – as a starting point of psychological research in Himax Imaging.



National Taiwan University, Master of Science (MS), Research and Experimental Psychology, 2013 ~ 2016

‧ Thesis: Role of Consciousness in Temporal Integration of Semantic Information
‧ Advisor: Prof. Su-Ling Yeh
‧ Specialized Area: Consciousness, Perception, Attention, Cross-modal Integration
‧ Skills: Experimental Design, Quantitative Research/ Data Analysis, Problem Solving


Kaohsiung Medical University, Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, 2009 ~ 2013

-Specialized Area :
Experimental Psychology, Perception, Cognitive Psychology

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