吳嘉倫 Alan Wu

I am an independent and self-motivated engineer experienced with full-stack development and building scalable and reliable distributed systems; passionate about delivering solutions through programming. I have completed and received outstanding and excellent evaluations over the 5 internships.

Software Engineering Intern
[email protected]

Work Experience

Tesla, Software Engineering Intern, Jan 2021 ~ Present

◻ Built distributed systems and pipelines for real time vehicle data streams withPython and AWS for global fleet metrics analysis

◻ Designed and collaborated cross-team to develop Java Spring API and ReactJS platform to manage feature releases and rollouts

◻ Developed Golangmicroservices and machine learning models to collect and process issues from over 1.5 million vehicles

Crypto Arsenal, VP Engineering, May 2020 ~ Present

◻ Built a platform for 500+ quants and traders to simulate and live-trade algorithmic quantitative strategies in the crypto markets

◻ Developed NodeJS and Python Flask microservices on Kubernetes with RabbitMQ messaging, gRPC, and InfluxDB to interface with finance brokers


Apple, Software Engineering Intern, Jun 2020 ~ Sep 2020

◻ Built full-stack solution to deliver Apple Maps core services and data to Kubernetes and bare-metal clusters worldwide

◻ Developed algorithm and implemented load balancer with Ruby, Perl, and Nginx to reduce data delivery time by over 50%

◻ Worked cross-team on API development and UI design to reduce 40% of SRE reaction time by automating workflows with JavaScript and Rails

Shopify, Software Engineering Intern, Sep 2019 ~ Dec 2019

◻ Built tooling and PaaS to manage Kubernetes on Google Cloud with over 60 clusters and 500 services in Golang

◻ Developed cron jobs to monitor over 400+ MySQL database performance and de ned SLO to ensure high service availability across regions

◻ Automated internal shuttle scheduling with ReactJS, TypeScript, and Ruby on Rails API to build user and admin dashboards

◻ Improved fault tolerance of networking by reducing DNS resolution time by 90% during server failure handling 180k requests per second

◻ Built multithreaded Kubernetes controllers in Go with caching to concurrently manage custom datastores resources such as MySQL and Redis

BlackBerry, Full Stack Developer Intern, Jan 2019 ~ May 2019

◻ Built Rails microservices and consoles to provide cloud computing, monitoring, cost management, and DevOps services

◻ Practiced Test-driven development to unit test APIs with Rspec and Capybara, achieving a 95% Jenkins CI builds success rate

◻ Visualized over 20 data centers' utilization and performance metrics through ElasticSearch to reduce cost and avoid VM over-provisioning

◻ Trained and integrated an AI chat-bot with Rails APIs to streamline CI/CD pipeline and facilitate Agile development cycle

Pacific First Aid, Junior Web & eCommerce Developer Intern, May 2018 ~ Aug 2018

◻ Built a progressive ReactJS kiosk app and developed features on the eCommerce site in PHP

◻ Designed website headers, product illustrations and promotional banners through Photoshop and Illustrator

◻ Designed and rebuilt a responsive landing page using HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Google Analytics; improved SEO, average user session duration by 53%, and decreased visitor bounce rate by 17%

AgentHub - Web Parser, Project, Jan 2018 ~ Apr 2018

◻ Developed a ReactJS tool with Python and Flask to compare and monitor products across vendors for competitive pricing strategy

◻ Built a Chrome browser extension in VueJS and jQuery for CSS selector generation and discovery

◻ Architected a data streaming platform with NodeJS web scraping agents, Redis job queue and Kafka streaming queue

Rych - Rideshare App, Project, Jan 2018 ~ Mar 2018

◻ Developed a React Native ridesharing app that matches student drivers to passengers based on their shared destinations

◻ Built microservice architecture for ETL pipeline and real-time search with Elasticsearch and persistent MongoDB deployed on AWS EBS

◻ Created serverless NodeJS API to manage user authentication with AWS Lambda and API Gateway to decrease latency and save compute cost


University of Waterloo, Engineer’s Degree, Engineering, 2017 ~ 2022

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