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QA Engineer
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Linux Platform
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Firmware Testing Engineer


May 2022 ~ Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
Job Objective: Performance evaluation at each stage of hardware/OS/BIOS and related feasibility/stress testing. Identify and report any hardware and OS issues to the problem tracking system for corresponding RD to resolve. Test BIOS and develop test plans. Work Experience: Gained foundational knowledge in hardware. Role: Served as a hardware and software testing engineer. Responsibilities for the department: Planned network configuration Assisted in setting up the following services: DHCP WDS AD LDAP Switch configuration #Function test #Bug tracking #Usability test #Software integration test #Stress test #Operating system
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System Engineer


Feb 2019 ~ May 2022
3 yrs 3 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
Job Objective: The department is responsible for basic operations, monitoring the status of all projects on our platform for clients. Responsible for monitoring items on the Windows/Linux platform (PING/CPU/MEM/DISK). Regularly test whether games can be played on schedule. Work with clients to regularly update platform and game patch content. Monitor the operation status of data centers (Japan/Korea/Cloud) and cloud services. Utilize monitoring technology (Nagios). Determine the cause of equipment failure and inform data center colleagues for maintenance (scanning for hardware damage or reinstallation of the operating system). If it's a Windows blue screen, provide the error_code for data center colleagues to find the cause of hardware damage. Role: System Operation Engineer Main Contributions: Assisted the department in reducing repetitive daily work processes. Used macro software to automate regular testing of mobile phones, reducing manual work, minimizing human errors, and improving work efficiency. Used web browser extensions to write scripts for automatically launching web games on a regular basis, reducing manual work, minimizing human errors, and improving work efficiency. Assisted in the successful upgrade of the Centos6 monitoring system (Nagios).

Reserve Executive

恩斯邁電子(深圳)有限公司 消費性電子產品製造業

Nov 2018 ~ Feb 2019
3 mos
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Assisted in collecting information on issues arising from production line machines. Helped understand how to optimize production line testing time. Assisted in building an automated production line.
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Operation Engineer


Oct 2017 ~ Jan 2018
3 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
Job Responsibilities: Assisted in inventorying the permissions of personnel accounts over the years and removed accounts of former employees who had not yet been removed. Ensured smooth order placement on mobile and web platforms during the operation start-up period. Assisted in setting up accounts and related permissions for new employees in branch offices. Helped troubleshoot internal system operation issues. Served as the point of contact for outsourced vendors. Work Experience: Learned how to maintain securities order placement systems and gained an understanding of how to analyze system architecture to identify issues one by one before requesting vendors to address them



Master’s Degree

2015 - 2017
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實踐大學(Shih Chien University)

Bachelor’s Degree

2011 - 2015
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