Bryan Tayefeh

Bryan Tayefeh graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with an undergraduate degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology. Although he has a career in the pharmaceutical industry, he is also passionate about fitness. After Bryan discovered that the world of fitness was full of misinformation and dishonest merchandising, he was inspired to launch his own personal training business in 2018. He based his business concept on providing people with sound science for standard bodybuilding methods. Researching his own methods to use, he found ways to utilize different training techniques, measurements and muscle composition scores. Before he built his fitness program, he spent time compiling data with measurable evidence to support it.

Currently, Bryan serves as Director of Alliance Management and Business Development for a leading RNA therapeutics provider called Ionis Pharmaceuticals. He has worked there for 12 years. As a pharmacokinetics team member and leading scientist, he also served with the corporate development team to handle transactions. Since 2013, he has been handling some of the largest partnership contracts for the company. For more than 14 years, Bryan has been working and doing applied research in the scientific industry. What keeps him motivated is his drive to develop cutting-edge technologies for health care. Before he worked for Ionis, he spent years researching organic synthesis of natural products at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He also researched chemical modification of RNA.

In addition to his fitness and pharmaceutical work, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family. He first met his wife, Alicia, when they were in junior high. The couple have two twin boys and enjoy raising them together. Bryan and Alicia also enjoy traveling to Hawaii and other places. When it comes to hobbies, Bryan prefers extreme sports. Street racing and motorcycle riding are two of his hobbies. He often spends weekends looking for other outdoor adventures and thrills as well. When he lived in Colorado, he enjoyed snowboarding. Today, he likes to surf, which he learned how to do when he moved to San Diego to work for Ionis. Since he is passionate about measuring and compiling data, he and a friend went snorkeling to research the bottom side of surf breaks. He then developed an interest in diving from that adventure. Bryan also developed interests in spearfishing and underwater photography.

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