Hi I am Sr. UI/UX Designer.
I am looking for your reply.

UI/UX Designer
Baifu, TW
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Work Experience

Freelancer, Sr. UI/UX Designer, Feb 2020 ~ Present

Role:Senior UI/UX Designer (Remote Design Team)

Lead Web Design and Web Plan for Startup Project.
Brand and Layout Design for activities.
Business and Product Plan for customers.
Web design and brand design for design agency.

Business Today, Sr. UI/UX Designer, Jul 2019 ~ Nov 2019

Role:Senior UI/UX Designer and Design Lead (Design Team)

Lead Web Design and Web Plan, Managed junior designer.
Analyzed the value and function plan for marketing products.
Developed user experience and interface design for marketing and financial products, including user need, functional map and work plan.

Report to IT, Marketing manager and VP and work closely with marketing and design team member to ensure the quality of web design.

Responsible for establishing the digital design process and maintain cross team collaboration, define the product plan for design team.

Help organization designer onboarding documentation including design process, wireframe, mockup, user need and reference of websites.

BMG, Sr. Web Designer (UI/UX Designer), Nov 2018 ~ Feb 2019

Role: Senor Web Designer and UI/UX Design (Design Team-cowork remote team form Hong Kong)

Lead web design and web plan, managed junior designer.
Help organization improve the interface design of website, digital products.
Developed user experience and interface design for digital marketing products and customer official website redesign, including user interview, wireframe, mockup, usability test.


Skills and responsibilities for position:
UI/UX Designer.
1.User Story.
3.Product Research.
4.Wireframe for Customer.
6.Content Support. (銷售型文案協助)
7.Instagram Ads Design.
8.Facebook Ad Design.
9.Information Architecture Support


Senior Web Designer:
a.Manage the Design Team.
b.Support Web Product Research and Suggestions.
c.PPT Design
d.Marketing Support
e.Usability Test.

Powertech, UI/UX Designer, /Product Assistant, Apr 2016 ~ Jul 2018

Role: UI/UXDesigner and PO (Product Plan Team)

Responsible for Official Web Site Research, APPSPOWER (APP)Product Owner, Power System Dashboard Design,

Product Prototype, and work closely form client request of IOT products. Worked closely with client’s PM, Marketing, Software, Firmware, Hardware, and ID Teams.

Focus on executing from concept to implementation a consistent on APPSPWOER (PO) Guideline, Power System Dashboard, IOT Products.

Designed and maintained User Story(UX), User Case(RD), User Test(QA), Information Architecture, Flow Chart, Homekit and Alexa logic for user friendly and usability. And use Agile Development for BDD test.

Solid on APP Owner (APPWORKS), backend system (In-house system), IOT Products (Power system), product development, usability test., product assistant, QA test., SI -Test Plan, Agile.


Skills and responsibilities for the position:
1.APP Design.
2.Web Admin Design.
3.Design For IOT Product. (Work with ID and RD)
4.Product Owner.
5.IOT Flow Chart Design.


Project Content:

(1).Responsible the APP Design and UI Flow.
Coordinate with the Marketing and IOT department.,Two Department Connector.
(2).The project owner of App.
(3).Develop the UI Process in the marketing department.
(4).Report and record the bug issue.
(5).Mockup Product: CES Product Prototype.
(7).APP Test.
(9).User Story and Test Case.
(10) Ayla and AWS Cloud Operation.


APP Content:

(1).APP UI Design.(Android and iOS)
(2).Project Owner.(UI Design update, tracking list & communicate with R&D)
(3).Usability Test.
(4).QA Test.



(1) USA eCommerce Product for IOT.
(2) Telstra Product.
(3) Financial Product: Web System for TWSE .
(4) Surveillance System.
(5) Smart Retail.
(7) Connection System.
(8) Product use Ayla Networks.

Gorilla Technology Group, UI/UX Designer, Mar 2015 ~ Jan 2016

Role: UI/UX Designer (Design Team)
Skills and responsibilities for position:
Designed and maintained Functional Map. Flow Chart, Wireframe, GUI, Mockup for Smart Home, Smart Retail, Smart Signage,
Surveillance Web System and APP, Financial Backend upload system,
Responsible for TWSE Chart System, Telstra surveillance and lots of product design.

1.UX Research.
2.Competitive product analysis
4.Mockup Product (Axure for Production demo).
5.Title Video Design(For privately held company and government).
6.Graphic Design.


Work Structure and Content:

a.Web Production Design.(update and guideline)
b.iOS and Android App Design.
c.Organization upload system Design.
d.P..O.C UI Design.
e0Product Redesign.(update UI)

SoftWeb, Front-End Designer, Nov 2014 ~ Mar 2015

Front-End Web Design
UI/UIX Components
Banner Design
Festival Card Design


台北藝術大選, Master of Fine Arts (MFA), 新媒體設計, 2006 ~ 2012

實踐大學, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 媒體傳達設計, 2002 ~ 2006

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