曾在勤業眾信會計師事務所任職 3 年,位階為組長,擔任上市櫃公司的案件負責人,工作內容為查帳以及撰寫財報。之後到了全曜財經服務,職稱為專案經理,工作項目為財務、個股分析、企劃等。


電子郵件:[email protected]

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Work Experience

夏綠蒂的選股筆記, 部落格與粉專經營者, Jan 2019 ~ Present




Now, there is a fan page "Charlotte's stock picking notes" and a blog of the same name. I also have a video course has been put on the shelf for dream-player. The main content is simple investment knowledge and application 0050, hoping to help more novices have a good right idea.

The novice-teaching articles and financial report teaching articles on the blog are well received, so there have been opportunities for cooperation in some cases.

Because I usually write blogs and articles which according to the case, I have good abilities in writing and searching for information.


全曜財經資訊股份有限公司, Project Manager, Sep 2018 ~ Dec 2019



In CMoney, my ability had extended to the analysis of financial reports. The writing of financial reports and analysis are different. This is a great understanding after leaving the Deloitte. I am also very fortunate to be paid attention to by the boss in CMoney. I had the opportunity to share basic investment and financial management. Colleagues often asked me about financial reports. I also continued to improve my ability in financial analysis and keep up to date with the latest auditing bulletins.


Deloitte, Audit team leader, Jan 2016 ~ Aug 2018


I major in accounting information department of the university. After graduation, I went to the leading accounting firm , Deloitte, to learn many skills in auditing, taxation, and financial reporting, and had a good relationship with colleagues. Once, I went to China for business trip with two newcomers, for auditing a new customer.Facing of manpower shortages and unfamiliarity with new customer, we were still struggling to complete financial reports and tax reports . Although I was very tired and busy during the office and I was exposed to IPO cases, I also benefited a lot.



國立台北商業大學, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 會計資訊系, 2011 ~ 2015


When I was in college, I was studying in the accounting department. I thought that this was a department with in-depth professional ability. During the period, I also worked in an English tutoring class. I felt that it was an important part of working. I should learn about the workplace and cope with it, and be good at the resources of the tutoring class, to strengthen my English ability

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