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Dan Liu

Software Engineer
Summary * An experienced web developer who is motivated to learn and obtain new skills and knowledge in the industry. Making good use of my passion for problem-solving and building applications. Key Qualities : * Highly intuitive problem-solving skills with the ability to follow through and resolve issues in a timely manner. * Extremely motivated to learn and able to pick up concepts quickly. * Self-directed and well organized. * Very proficient in English and Mandarin, with strong communication, writing, and interpersonal skills. * Experienced team player with history of delivering projects with hard deadlines.
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The University of British Columbia
Taipei, Taiwan


Ruby on Rails
Yii Framework
Slim Framework


Native or Bilingual
Native or Bilingual

Work experiences

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Tech Lead


Jan 2022 ~ Present
* Lead Backend Core Team by giving technical advice, and also act as Scrum Master * Planned and executed the moving of the monolith codebase to microservices for the StraitsX backend
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Senior Backend Engineer


Jul 2021 ~ Dec 2021
6 mos
* Piloted and implemented the XIDR stable coin product * Collaborated with Blockchain Infra team to make XIDR happen * On-call responsibility to resolve any Ad-hoc issues
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Infra/DevOps Engineer


Dec 2019 ~ Jun 2021
1 yr 7 mos
* Managed Kubernetes clusters and applications with AWS EKS, ECR, S3, CloudFront, Route 53, Nginx Ingress Controller, SSM Parameter Store * Improved and extended the Continuous Delivery pipeline (in-house Python tool / Helm) * Created Continuous Integration tests and Continuous Delivery pipelines with CircleCI * Created Infrastructure-As-Code with Helm, Terraform, Ansible, GitHub * Set up ECS instances, VPC, and VPN connections in AliCloud with Terraform * Optimized Docker images' sizes and deployment speed with multi-stage builds and layer caching * Setup Zilliqa & Ethereum node and worked closely with stablecoin team to launch the blockchain microservice * Planned and executed the enablement of AWS RDS encryption at rest * Planned/tested/executed MySql8 upgrade fro MySql 5.6 * Brought up database dump with sanitization and restore from production to staging using Airflow * Upgrade EKS clusters to use the newest base OS for security measures
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Principal Backend Engineer


Feb 2016 ~ May 2019
3 yrs 4 mos
* Principal Developer for all APIs and administrator features * Complete knowledge of the entire data flow for https://www.pcone.com.tw * Write API documentation for frontend/app developers to use * Implement e-commerce site search with ElasticSearch * AWS: EC2, ELB, RDS, SQS, S3, and ElasticCache
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Technical Manager


Sep 2014 ~ Feb 2016
1 yr 6 mos
* Manage the core engineering team * Define cross-team collaboration processes * Technical architecture design, review, and implementation on projects across the company. * Define processes of continuous integration, unit testing, and deployment * Promote programming best practices in areas of performance, security, and scalability * Technical interviews for engineer candidates * Worked on a government project uses our points system to reward environmental friendly use of public transportations * Used and modified Magento platform to create multi-store sites where you can use reward points from banks to buy products * Maintain legacy projects
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Software Engineer


Apr 2014 ~ Sep 2014
6 mos
* Fine-tune the existing mailing application for faster performance. (http://www.flydove.net/) * Optimized SQL queries and MySQL database for faster performance * Re-wrote code to achieve maximized mail sending speed * Lead developer in creating waca, a personalized online store for all users (http://www.waca.net/)
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Software Engineer

Nvesto / iShelly

May 2012 ~ Apr 2014
2 yrs 0 mos
* Developed and maintained 2 web applications: www.nvesto.com & www.ishelly.com. * Used the Yii framework * Built a native iPhone app for iShelly (Objective-C) * Worked on RD projects including frontend and backend performance tuning
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Technical Manager

Atlastpost / Groupon Taiwan

Feb 2010 ~ Apr 2012
2 yrs 3 mos
* Lead a team of eight engineers in developing numerous web applications and maintaining the system ( http://www.groupon.com.tw ) * RD Projects included tuning slowqueries and SEO * On call duty for website/system emergencies * Implemented Groupon Taiwan's E-Invoice Solution * Implemented two travel portals, one tech portal, and one hotspot portal for Yahoo Taiwan * Implemented AB Testing feature to see which version of the website is more appealing to users * Coded numerous web applications and games for the Atlaspost social network
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Software Engineer

Dimension Computer Technology Co, Ltd

Jul 2006 ~ Aug 2008
2 yrs 2 mos
* Implemented the company's payroll solution * Implemented the Chemical Management Solution for a Textile Research Institute * Redesigned the UI for the Employee Account Management System * Expanded the company’s Employee Account Management System (originally on the Lotus Notes platform) onto the web via XOOPS * Hosted code review sessions and tutorials for new ERP system


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The University of British Columbia

Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor of Science Computer Science

2001 - 2006
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