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Deanna Deveney

Director of Communications and Government Affairs
Deanna Deveney swiftly passed the bar after graduating from law school, allowing her to practice law in the state of Massachusetts. She would return to the Middlesex District Attorney's office, where she had interned, but as an Assistant District Attorney this time. Deanna served as an ADA in the Community Partnerships division of the office, where she focused on prevention rather than prosecution, under the direction of District Attorney Marian Ryan. She developed and worked on projects to educate people about domestic violence, elder abuse, and the opioid crisis. studied local crime rate information to establish each community's specific needs Deanna was most notable for her role in resolving the Massachusetts State Drug Lab scandal, which began in 2012.
District Attorney
Massachusetts school of law
United States



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District Attorney

Jan 2011 ~ Present
United States
Throughout her career she has provided invaluable service to both municipality and state government throughout Massachusetts, always advocating for those in need.


Massachusetts school of law

Associate’s Degree

2012 - 2014