Denise Didelet

I work as a designer, background artist and Illustrator for more than 10 years.
During this time I have assisted many Media and Animation Studios in TV series, short movies, as well as composing backgrounds for Online Games Studios and doing Book Cover Illustrations.

2D Illustration, concept art, Backgrounds
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Work Experience

Evora Editora - Portugal, Graphic Design and Illustration, Jun 2019 ~ Jan 2020

Book cover Illustration and Design

Grizzly Automatic Systems - Taiwan, Graphic Design and Regional Marketing Manager, Jan 2014 ~ Dec 2015

Graphic Design - catalogue, manuals, website.

Bang Bang Animation Studio - Portugal, Background Artist, Animator and Composing Artist, Jun 2010 ~ Dec 2013

Background Artist, Animator and composing for "Nutriventures" Tv animation series


Blueshark Studio Lda - Portugal, Background Artist, Matte Painter, Jan 2009 ~ Jun 2010

Matte Painting Background for "Dream Mysteries - Case of the Red Fox"
for Game House Online games


Trampoline Studio - France, Team Leader, Art Direction, Concept artist, Sep 2007 ~ Dec 2009

Art Direction and Concept Art for "Turn Over" animation project

Showoff films - Portugal, Graphic Design, Feb 2008 ~ Jul 2008

Graphic design for advertising presentation projects.

Bang Bang Animation Studio - Portugal, Background Artist, Composing Artist and Animator, Apr 2007 ~ Aug 2007

Background Designer, Animator and composing for "My Very Own Adventure" - DVD Series
Background Designer for "Chambermainds" Tv comercial.

Animais, Animation Studio - Portugal, Composing and Background Artist, Apr 2003 ~ Dec 2004

Compositor artist on Animation Short Movie for "Jantar em Lisboa".
Compositor artist and Background artist on "Olá pai!" Tv series intro.


MegEventus, Graphic Designer, Jun 2004 ~ Oct 2004

Graphic design of Music CD covers and labels

ATIVE, Food Industry and Marketing Technical Assistance, Ltd. - Portugal, Graphic Design Supervisor, Jan 2002 ~ Apr 2003

Supervisor and graphic design of the periodic publication “Notícias do Comércio” News Paper.

Neurones Portugal, Ltd. - International Neuroplanet Group - France, Digital Painter, Sep 2000 ~ Sep 2001

Digital Painting production for "Franklin"
Digital Painting production for "The Lost World" - Animation TV Series


Magic Toons, Animation Studios, Ltd. - Portugal, 2D Inbetweener Animator, Clean Up Artist, Jan 1999 ~ Apr 2001

2D Clean up artist and Inbetweener Section Leader for 2D animation film series for "Angelitos" Tv animation series.
Vector artist.


LISROSA, Ltd. - Portugal, Graphic Design, Jan 1997 ~ Dec 1998

Product packaging Designer.


Magic Toons, Animation Studios, Traditional Animation, 1999 ~ 2000

IADE, Bachelor’s Degree, Design & Marketing, Visual Design, 1996 ~ 1998

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