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Dr. Lize Wiese

Skin Cancer Practitioner
Dr. Lize Wiese is a skin cancer practitioner at the Kelowna Skin Cancer Clinic in Kelowna, Canada. She's passionate about early detection and believes that prevention is the best cure. Dr. Wiese originally worked for an all-purpose skin care practice where she performed everything from skin cancer detection and treatment to cosmetic procedures like varicose vein removal. Through her work there, she discovered a passion for preventing and treating skin cancer. You can learn more about Dr. Lize Wiese by visiting her blog or following her on social media.
Kelowna Skin Cancer
Kelowna, BC, Canada


Skin Cancer Treatment
Skin Cancer Prevention
Skin Cancer Detection


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Skin Cancer Physician

Kelowna Skin Cancer

Feb 2018 ~ Present
Dr. Lize Wiese co-founded the Kelowna Skin Cancer Screening Clinic in 2018 with her husband Dr. Ben Wiese.
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