廈門大學馬來西亞分校 畢業

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Work Experience

Capture Miracle Training Organization (神乎奇際教育訓練中心), Content Planner, Feb 2021 ~ Present

As a Content Planner Specialist, my work content can be discussed in two sphere, social media management and online course organizing. The working team started up a Facebook group as one of channel to conduct Inbound Marketing in May 2021. The remarkable achievement in this task was that the group member grew from 0 to 2,500 in only two months. In online course organizing, I organized several online courses from the team communication to the equipment operation. The online course in Capture Miracle includes paid training courses on Google Meet and free lectures live on Facebook. Both type of online courses adopted OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) as a medium to broadcast video to platforms like Facebook and Google Meet. To make sure the quality of online events, team work and communication takes a significant role in this task. Therefore, I do cultivate a great ability of being a perfect teammate and a qualify leader among experiences of working in multiple tasks with a team.

Real Estate Company (Kuala Lumpur), Document Translator , Jul 2018 ~ Jan 2019

This is a freelancer type of job. Work content is to translate company landing pages from English to Mandarin for Real Estate Company.



廈門大學(馬來西亞分校), Bachelor of Arts (BA), 新聞學, 2018 ~ 2021

Xiamen University Malaysia is a branch of Xiamen University. The campus adopts the Britain education system which provides students a fully English learning environment and three years based courses structure. In Journalism program, the teaching plan focuses on the cultivation of student’s writing applications and presentation performance. Most of the courses include assignments that acquire student to write a report and present it in front of the class, which is an great challenge for student to foster the ability of expressing in multiple forms. In addition, the new media ecology is also addressed in learning criteria. The learning outcome allows student to have the abilities to accurately analyze the trends on traditional and new media.

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