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Frederick Grippo

Business Administrator
Frederick Grippo is an entrepreneur headquartered in New Jersey. He is well educated, holding a bachelor's degree in business administration, and possesses an exceptional ability to grow money, sell things, and expand organizations. Grippo spent the first seven years of his stellar career excelling in sales and climbing the corporate ladder. Since those early years, he has successfully merged his sales and management abilities with a variety of personal interests to achieve success in a variety of businesses. He has created numerous unique enterprises and mobile applications and assists others in creating and managing their money. He is a bold self-motivator who asserts that when he is passionate about anything, he rushes in headfirst. Grippo combined this strategy with his enthusiasm for technology. As they say, the rest is history. Grippo's varied experience has resulted in a long list of specific skills that he gladly brings to the table. These abilities span the spectrum and include, but are not limited to the following: Superior communication abilities Retention of customers Negotiation Management of sales Finance for management Service to Customers and Leadership
Old Bridge, NJ, USA
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