My master's research is about active learning, a machine learning technique to solve the problem of insufficient labeled data. I used some evolutionary strategies to address online learning optimization problems, trying to verify my prediction, especially in the instance space. I am also interested in computer vision and natural language processing. I hope that one day I can use programs to make the world a little different and to devote myself.

data scientist
Taipei Special Municipality, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Cinnamon AI, AI researcher, Jul 2019 ~ Sep 2019

實習中,擔任OCR團隊的Layout組別,利用PyTorch, TensorFlow等深度學習相關套件,搭配電腦視覺演算法,完成曲斜文字片段的區域偵測。


國立台灣大學, Master’s Degree, 電機系計算機組, 2018 ~ 2020

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