Jake Dudum

Performance-driven and motivated Full Stack Web Developer with 1+ years of experience participating in both front end and back end development. Possess a strong attention to detail, well-developed time management skills, and ability to work under pressure.

Front-End / Back-End / Full Stack Web Developer
[email protected]

Work Experience

Trilogy Education, Learning Assistant, Mar 2020 ~ Present

Assisted student learning through the use of Trilogy Educations Trilobot on Slack which connected the Learning Assistant team with over 10, 000 students across the US. Answered coding questions ranging from front end UI problems to back end database issues and concerns. Facilitated continual learning by responding with documentation and discussions on question topics.

Trilogy Education, Teaching Assistant, Feb 2020 ~ Present

Taught students how to code from the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS to API incorporation, database creation, and project deployment. Handled management of Gitlab repository for class. Graded homework assignments and group projects. Provided instruction on best coding practices and the art of Google- Fu to students. Consistently received positive evaluations from students.

Trilogy Education, Substitute Teaching Assistant, Sep 2019 ~ Feb 2020

Substitute TA for UC Berkeley Extension's full stack in-person web development course which teaches students how to code in MERN full stack. Helped manage the classroom environment and encouraged student success and helped motivate student driven learning.


UC Berkeley Extension, Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate), Full Stack Web Development, 2019 ~ 2019

University of San Francisco, Other, Computer Science, 2011 ~ 2016

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