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Jameson Hsu

Jameson Hsu is a serial entrepreneur with experience in founding five companies as well as being an investor in over 40 startups. Mr. Hsu began his career as a management consultant at PwC. Then in 1999, Jameson started the award-winning NYC design and advertising agency, WDDG. In 2005 Mr. Hsu created Mochi Media, a web game advertising platform, which was later acquired by Shanda Games. In 2012 Jameson founded an iOS virtualization company, Pieceable, that was later acquired by Facebook. After a brief stint with Facebook, Mr. Hsu joined Tencent to head up operations of WeChat in North America. Jameson then went on to start a live streaming video company called Nom which, ultimately, did not find product-market fit. Currently, Mr. Hsu is in the early stages of building a new fitness company called Kinetik. He is also on the board of Knowtions where the company is using AI to transform the healthcare insurance industry.
Taipei, Taiwan
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