Jason Lai

- Familiar with LAMP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, git and MongoDB.
- Experience of RDB structure design.
- Experience of building and implementing API.
- Experience of building and maintaining e-commerce websites.
- Experience of operating on GCP and aliyun.

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Work Experience

Freelancer, Full stack website developer, May 2021 ~ Present

I’m a freelancer on full stack website development.

For each projects, before development, I would communicate with employers first to realize their requirements.
Then designed wireframes and prototype for further confirmation.

Below were some projects I had achieved:
1. Internal CMS for cram school
In this case, because they didn’t have UI/UX designer, I also provided simple page designs.

These are some functions of this system:
- students’ management
- reserve interview
- sign up courses
- pay records
- courses’ management

2. E-commerce website renewals
It’s an outsourced project from my former company.

In front-end, they provided their UI/UX designs and I would create page templates first for confirmation.
After that, I started to build final page designs.
And in back-end, I would design database structure first, then discussed with their IT.
After I finished, I would provide source code to them and helped them to build up on their Linux server.

Below are some functions of this website:
- members’ management
- members’ download records
- search products
- download products
- classify products’ series
- max number limit of member login
- login ip limitation

ImageDJ典匠資訊, PHP engineer, Jul 2018 ~ Apr 2021

I was responsible for projects development, maintenance and mis. Including e-commerce website, website management background, dealers' API, official website, storage management system, MineStock (resources management system) and internal CMS.

After I worked nearly 1 year, because my supervisor out of work, I had to fill in for her including attending meetings, reporting and distributing jobs.

In website development, it's leaded and planned by PM, but we would also provide our suggestions on developing.
And in implementing, I would discussed with company consultant. We would discussed project structures, database structures and other problems on developing.

During that period, I had used these PHP frameworks, including Yii, Smarty and part of Laravel.
After that, we used our own MVC framework for most developments.
The basic structures of MVC framework were constructed by consultant and I was in charge of expanding developments.

Below are some developments achieved in that period:
1. Official website renewal
Rebuilt official website to improve its speed and UI/UX design.
There were some features of it, including vendor introductions, resources searching, member lightbox and EDM.

2. E-commerce website renewal
In this case, it sells different resources like images, videos..
and resources came from different vendors, including themselves and other abroad vendors implemented by API.

After we renewed, we reconstructed it with RWD and improved its speed of search about 6 to 7 seconds.
And we also add more pay ways, including Google Pay, Samsung Pay, credit card installment and others.
For more convenient to register and login, we had also implemented Google oauth login.

3. E-commerce website development and maintenance in China
We built e-commerce website on aliyun, and it also composed by several vendors with the same way mentioned above.
But in this case, we used alipay and wechat customer servier API instead to make sure it could work fluently.

4. API for China dealers
For more faster and fluently, we built an API for searching and downloading resources.
It built on aliyun server and we used aliyun OSS service to keep resources' files to make sure they could be loaded more faster.

5. Developing and maintaining storage management system
This system was built to manage all resources including their own resources and some of abroad vendors.
Because the speed of response from API was unstable, we built this system to store resources' metadata to make sure that they could be handled quickly.
For that reason, we would consider to total number of vendor's resources, then implemented them on different way.
If its number was too large to deal with, we would implement it by API. Otherwise, we would build crawlers to crawl their metadata and stored to this system.

6. Visiting or remote maintaining MineStock system
MineStock is a system for managing resources and that's also a product they sold.
This system would installed on client's server.
In general, we could maintain this system in remote, but for safety, sometimes we had to visit their company for maintenance.
Consider to different situations, sometimes I would visit by myself, sometimes visit with sales.

Below are some MIS routine I would also responsible for:
1. Troubleshooting on attendance machine
2. Mail Server settings
3. Troubleshooting on printer and fax machine
4. Computers' settings for junior staffs and resigned employers
5. Troubleshooting on sales' erp

Shinewave (翔威國際), Internship of MIS engineer, Jan 2017 ~ Jan 2018

One year off-campus intership for MIS related works and developments in shinewave.
During that period, we used HTML, CSS, JS for front-end development, and C# for back-end.

1. Intranet renewal
Rebuilt intranet by wordpress including company's basic introductions, travel records, check-in records and e-forms.

2. Electronic MIS routine checklist
The original checklist was created by word, and we built an e-checklist on new intranet to replace it.

3. Developing new eForm e-form system
It's an e-form integration system built by Angular 3, C# API and MsSQL.


Yuan Ze University, Bachelor’s Degree, Information Management, 2014 ~ 2018

- Attending international ICT innovative services awards 2017.
Our Entries is a shared app that provides transactions of
second hand products.

- Attending open data workshop contest held by Taoyuan city
government in 2017.
Our Entries is a food-map app which composed by
client-side and merchant-side.
In client-side, users can browse restaurants including
their basic informations or comments..
Also they can place an order through this app.
And in merchant-side, merchants can edit their
introductions, comments and orders.

- Attending international ICT innovative services awards 2018
and reaching the final.
Our Entries is a food-map app metioned above.

- Attending PTSC hackathon and getting most creative awards.
Out Entries is a agricultural products analysis platform and
our data sources were crawled from 'Public AgriData

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