Software Engineer focusing on UI development, tool crafting and web performance. Constructor of purrmaster.com. Maker of Formask and React UI libraries.

Taipei Special Municipality, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Binance, Software Engineer, Sep 2020 ~ Present

- Lead distributed team remotely dedicated to customer support and risk management.

Yahoo, Software Engineer, Jun 2019 ~ Sep 2020

Responsible for uk.yahoo.com and other 23 international homepages

Nogle, Frontend Developer, May 2016 ~ Dec 2018

- Build and lead UI library: Coordinate into company’s shared React components library.
- Build and lead React projects, with Redux as state management tool. Writing Redux middleware, extracting HOCs as common logic and work closely with UI/UX designer to output consistent, logical and friendly user interface.
- Maintain company’s frontend infrastructure to unify tech stack.
- Write babel-plugin to transform code with AST manipulation, with goal to achieve “import on demand” and reduce project bundle size. Making sure transformation is correct by unit test.
- Mobile web performance optimization. Check of projects’ Webpack build tree. Chrome performance tool to monitor rendering progress.
- Migrate existing projects from React 15 to React 16. Writing migration guideline.
- Write and maintain frontend CI/CD.
- Build end-to-end, integration test and unit test(Jest) environment.

MIGO Corp., Frontend Developer, Sep 2015 ~ May 2016

- Working on the marketing tool(single webpage application) that displays instant report charts with filter mechanism(time, shop location, kpi, etc..), utilise components-based web app, support multiple languages and help decision maker to understand their customer easily. Product is based on Reactjs ecosystem.
- Reconstruct reflux into flux architecture to deal with data flow.

Gemini Data Inc., Web Developer, Mar 2014 ~ May 2015

Develop web application with Javascript, jQuery, Python and other front/back-end technologies.


元智大學, Bachelor’s Degree, 通訊工程, 2008 ~ 2012

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