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Jeffery Lennon

Retired Army
A defining moment in Jeffery Lennon's life is becoming a homeowner via VA loans—a feat enabled by his military service. This program, a notable privilege extended to U.S. veterans, signifies Jeffery's triumphant navigation through his professional life. On the hobby front, Jeffery nurtures an intense love for German Shepherd dogs. This is not merely a pastime; it's a passion springing from a profound connection. He holds that the relationship between humans and their canine partners is peerless and emotionally rewarding, providing a unique avenue for mutual understanding that enriches his life at a deeply personal level. Jeffery's interests also extend to airsoft, a team-oriented shooting sport, camouflage tactics commonly employed in military and leisurely activities, and cannabis—a plant noted for its medicinal and recreational attributes. His dedication to service is not confined to his military career but also permeates his community involvement. Jeffery had a thirteen-year active stint with the Catholic Church, contributing to their community outreach and charity programs. This phase underscores his commitment to making a positive difference in his community. He enriched his academic credentials by attending Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. Despite being retired, his career's lasting impact still resonates—his achievements are a testament to his unwavering commitment to service, passion for his hobbies, and deep bond with his German Shepherd dogs. Lennon's life is an inspiring account of dedication's far-reaching impacts in both professional and personal realms.
Carver, Massachusetts, USA


Retired Army