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Jonathan Yohanes is the type of person that often challenges himself to explore and learn new things. He willingly revamps his mindset to know the real world of working. In group projects, he really likes to coordinate with his team members and colleagues. He also keeps revamping his mindset about the world of work and business. In his personal life, he tends to maintain his relationship with other people because of his bright and light-hearted personality. However, he is looking forward to being a better version of himself since he believes people are shaped through experiences and dedication.
PT. Saridewi Natural Kosmetik
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Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Tangerang Selatan, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia


Go To Market Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Creative Design



Work experiences

Partnerships Marketing

PT. Saridewi Natural Kosmetik

Mar 2022 ~ May 2022
3 mos
• Processed daily sales & traffic reports from March to May 2022 • Contributed to helping product live' segment at Tokopedia & Shopee. Moderated live events and gained approximately 1000++ views along with boosted 47%++ daily sales growth in general • Analyzed projected partnerships & competitors to create upcoming collaborations • Analyzed SKU product placements, descriptions, homepage, visuals, etc. to be revamped • Analyzed heatmaps (using hotjar.com) for Skin Dewi's website UI: 1. Tap & 2. Scroll by looking for the 'above the folds'. Import data insights within mobile and desktop version • Analyzed offline traffic around the store (PIK) & the behavior of 350++ visitors per day • Approached 100++ resellers to create more leads in bigger demographics • Created publication materials on the marketplace's feeds. Worked closely with the visual team by proofreading, copywriting, and designing the contents • Contributed to sales boost within 1 month by 151%++ on the MoM-MRR growth
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Product Marketing

PT. Gojek Indonesia

Aug 2021 ~ Feb 2022
7 mos
• Processed 750++ merchant data for KOMPAG members • Created 2 advertisement videos targeted at GoFood merchants. 1st video was made to promoted video-based educational courses and the 2nd video was made to roll out new features on the GoBiz app • Controlled merchant' incentive program for all of the communication channels • Copywrited 10++ comms to announce new courses in BizTips, app' awareness, and app' updates. Reached around 224.000++ merchants and added around 4,64% on the average click-through rates • Brainstormed & created KVs (Key Visuals) for communication projects. Focused on e-mails, in-app inboxes & push notifications. Reached 11%++ open rates in calculation of total comms delivered
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Content Creator

PT. MOKA Teknologi Indonesia

Apr 2021 ~ Jun 2021
3 mos
• Innovated on 3 new content segments to engage more audiences: 1. Feeds to deliver information regarding career supports 2. Instagram Live for light-talk shows 3. Games on Instagram Stories to interact with followers • Successfully supported 3 webinars from Selangkah Lebih Pasti from the visuals side: 1. Event's Poster 2. E-Certificate 3. Zoom's Background • Gained 1000 new followers on Instagram. Contributed to adding 106%++ for account's average interaction

Social Media Intern

PT. Catika Grup Indonesia

Mar 2021 ~ May 2021
3 mos
• Brainstormed content on TikTok to soft sells Catika Group's brand awareness. Different type of content is needed to engage different segment of audiences. Gained 4000 new followers on TikTok • Innovated game segments on Instagram to raise the brand's relationship with audiences. Games vary from click-able content to short quizzes. Engaged 100 participants on average • Emceed #SemuaBisaMulai : Modal Bisnis - Bangun Bisnis - Siapa Takut on 24th of July 2021
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Operational Trainee

PT. Royalindo Utama Tour (Rotama Tour)

Jan 2020 ~ Feb 2020
2 mos
• Trained on how to manage itineraries for local and international tour's. Quality controlled the tour's product's & assigned to benchmarked product prices for 6 competitors • Finalized marketing documents for Travel Fair, Direct Customers, etc. Operations were also trained based on the company's standardizations as it was held from January 16th to February 28th


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Universitas Prasetiya Mulya

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Majoring in Business Management

2019 - 2023
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SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong

High School Diploma
High School Diploma-Science Major

2016 - 2019
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