Lynn Wang (Li-Ying, Wang )

As a clinical psychologist working in a pediatric setting for more than 10 years, I am always part of an interdisciplinary team. By participating in regular meetings with psychiatrists, I am able to learn different aspects of medical and clinical psychiatry. I also meet with speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and social workers as part of an early intervention team in order to optimize the treatment plan for individuals with a wide range of needs. In the process, I play a key role in bridging communication gaps between professionals and caregivers. As a result, I develop extraordinary communication skills, patience, and respect for both my team and my clients.

I always strive to become a clinical psychologist who has the ability to quickly build rapport with a client, observe and analyze his/her behaviors and test results in order to formulate effective intervention and counseling program within a limited time frame.
As a pediatric clinical psychologist, my training not only helps me always keep the child’s well-being in mind, it also helps me communicate effectively when there is a conflict. I feel confident that I am able to handle various difficult and unpredictable situations.

Overall, my professional experiences not only make me a much more competent pediatric clinical psychologist, but also allow me to deal with challenging situations. I hope to broaden my experience in a different setting and continue to grow professionally.
Thank you for your considerations. I look forward to hearing from you.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
[email protected]

Work Experience

Taiwan Taipei District Family Court, Guardians Ad Litem at, Jan 2014 ~ Present

Through the process of being recommended by Taipei Association of Clinical Psychologists, I work as a Guardian Ad Litem for Taiwan Taipei District Court and Taiwan High Court.

Before presenting my findings to the court judge in high conflict child-custody cases, I complete multiple sessions of home interviews and gather information regarding the child’s psychological functioning in different settings and with different caregivers.

depends on case, Home-Based Psychologist, Mar 2013 ~ Present

To develop relationship with the child and his/her family more rapidly so I can gain insight into their family dynamics.

To involve more family members in therapeutic activities for children with disruptive behaviors or with severe developmental delays.

To engage all family members and provide support to parents and children who struggle to build stable relationship with different therapists.

Elementary school and junior high school, Itinerant School Psychologist , Aug 2012 ~ Present

1. Evaluate a student’s overall development and adaptive functioning
2. Psychological assessment
3. Discuss with teachers and parents as a team to create individualized educational plans that best serve students with special needs.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Child Development & Rehabilitation Center, Clinical Psychologist , Apr 2011 ~ Present

The Child Development & Rehabilitation Center implement early intervention for children from 3 to 18 years old who have signs of developmentally delayed in order to explore their potential and enhance their functioning and abilities.

My areas of clinical expertise include
1. Comprehensive psychological assessment
2. Individual and group counseling
3. Individual and group psychotherapy
4. Parent and caregiver training and counseling
psychosocial rehabilitation for children from 3 to 18 years old.


Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Master of Clinical psychology Chang Gung University of Behavioral Sciences, division of Clinical Psychology, Master’s Degree, Clinical Psychology, 2006 ~ 2011

National Chung Cheng University , Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, 2002 ~ 2006

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