Data Engineer specialized on data warehouse and data lake , major with Python, R and Golang.

Strong ability about RDBMS, Data MIning and Machine Learning.

Familiar with Data pipeline, ETL tool (Kettle, Apache Sqoop) and
data work flow management (Airflow, Azkaban, Ozzie). Also
studying on cloud and containerized application.

- Work Experience :
Serving at Data Engineer in TutorABC for 1-2 years. Experienced
with data analysis and Business analysis of IC Production in
Micron at 2 years.

- Work Responsibility :
1. Hadoop Clustering System administrator for maintain, and
2. Data Warehouse (SQL Server) optimized by T-SQL SP
3. Supporting to Data/BI Analysis by Tableau, Metabase, R shiny
4. Supporting to Data Mining and ML Project

- Skill :
1. Hadoop Ecosystem
(Major in Cloudera)
Sqoop, Hive, Spark,
Presto, Impala, Hbase
2. ETL/ELT, Data Pipeline :
Kettle, Sqoop
3. Data Flow & WFM:
Airflow, Azkaban, Ozzie
4. Streaming:
Kafka, Spark Streaming
5. Cloud Services : AWS, Azure
6. Container : Docker, K8S
7. Version Control : Git
8. Back-end : Python, Golang

Software Engineer
[email protected]

Work Experience

TutorABC, ML Engineer , Nov 2019 ~ Present

- [ML Project] Client Refund Prediction (客戶退費預測)
1. Machine Learning inference for client by Anomaly Detection(by One class SVM and Isolation Tree)
2. Explainable AI for roots of clinet refund
3. Building Data flow by MSSQL, Hive, Python

- [ML Project] Potential Customer Forecasting (潛在名單預測)
1. Binary classification prediction by XGBoost to increased conversion rate
2. Building Data flow by MSSQL, Hive, Spark(Pyspark) for ML prediction daily
3. Data Warehouse (MS SQL Server) Project。(資料倉儲優化)
4. Stored Procedurę tuning
5. Optimzied SQL to increased batch processing efficacy
6. BI Reporting developing by MS SQL Server Solution and tableau

- Data Lake Project

1. Big data services(Cloudera Ecosystem) maintained
2. Data warehouse re-building : Data Migration from MSSQL to HDFS/Hive by Sqoop
3. Data Migration from NoSQL to HDFS/Hbase by Kettle
4. Application System data collecition

Micron, Data Analyst & Application Engineer, Dec 2016 ~ Jan 2019

• DRAM Production Control and In-line WIP regulation.

• In-line excursion issue analysis and solutions for defect emphasis on dram products

[Project] Level 2 Urgent Issue Informing and Report

3 urgent cases for serious yield loss including DE front-end, CMP back-end, PVD back-end

[Performace] Yield 1% increased for each wafers

- Familiar with KLA detection recipe setting-up and maintain

- Response for decreasing Detection Gap and increasing Matching ratio with Fab 15 and Fab 11

-Optimized customized detection recipe of in-line production

- KLA recipe Matching and Detection Gap modified

[Project] Tool Monitor Golden Wafer Confirm

[Results] Confirming recipe for kinds of tool, scan and monitor monthly

[Performance] For each tool matching : Capture rate > 80% ; Repeatability > 95%

[Performance] For PM is/was matching : Matching Rate > 80% for total counts and D- size > 0.5 um

[Project] Inline Monitor Tool Change Evaluation

[Results] 5 layers recipe for 2 kinds of equipment, modifying recipe by parameters, co-working with KLA.

[Performance] DOI (defect of interesting) Improvement Rate: 180%

[Performance] Capacity Improvement Rate : 300% (11.2 mins optimizing to 3 mins)

[Project] Tool MMM Optimization /Recipe and Tool Correction

[Results] Algorithm application: decrease false defect and noise by Decision Tree; Capture Ratio increased.

[Performance] Repeatability ratio is 98%( Stable) ; False Ratio : 6% ( Almost true defects)

National Sun Yat-Sen University, Research Assistant, Jun 2015 ~ Sep 2015

Assist for advisors to complete experience and publish paper reports
Participate the meeting and discuss results
Teach the equipment operation and materials knowledge learned from lab

National Sun Yat-Sen University, Teaching Assistant, Sep 2013 ~ Jun 2015

Teach the experimental instrument and class
Assist to resolve the problems in the class
Manage the medical in the lab

The experimental class contains :

1. Dilute solution viscosity method for the determination of polymer molecular weight
2. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for measuring organic chemical compounds
3. The preparation of Dye-sensitized solar cell
4. Polarizing microscope observation of polymer crystallization


Sun Yat-Sen University, Master’s Degree, Materials and Optoelectronic Science, 2013 ~ 2015

Yuan Zen University, Bachelor degree in Department of Chemical engineering and Materials Science, 2009 ~ 2013

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