洪象成 (LeBron Hung)

10+ years front-end engineer, experienced with JavaScript and React.js.

8+ years back-end engineer, experienced with Node.js, .Net, MongoDB, MS-SQL and parse community.

I am a team player, I love team works and assist teammates; I also love remote-work and flexibility, I type words as much as I talk.

Kaohsiung City, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Geminidata , Senior Frontend Engineer, Aug 2021 ~ Present


MAYO 鼎恒數位科技股份有限公司, Senior Frontend Engineer, Apr 2021 ~ Jul 2021

- Work remotely
- Implement features of a React.js based HR saas web app
- Implement basic UI components


Altigen, Senior Software Engineer, Aug 2019 ~ Feb 2021

- Work remotely
- Maintain and optimize a React.js based communicator software (which is similar to Microsoft Teams)
- WebAssembly based audio decoder


GolDyFun - 夠大方股份有限公司, Senior Backend Engineer, Aug 2018 ~ May 2019

This commercial start-up "GolDyFun " https://apps.apple.com/tw/app/go-e5-a4-a7-e6-96-b9/id1436464078 had 5 engineers, I am the backend engineer, responsible for:

- Service architecture design.
- Implementing APIs base on Node.js and MongoDB
- A few works to run services on GCP with VM and docker.
- A few works to assist front-end features.


Health League - 健康盟國際創新有限公司, CTO, Mar 2018 ~ Mar 2019

Health League was a very small start-up, I was the only engineer at that time.

Work from demand analysis, to build a prototype to provide videos of health educations, the prototype includes an App (video player), APIs, and the management website.


MSI, Senior Software Engineer, Nov 2014 ~ Jul 2018

Research and design IoT and Chatbot in MSI RD center:

- IoT: Research and design a prototype for smart home, which is based on AllJoyn, AWS IoT, XMPP, Node.js, and React.js.
- Voicebot: based on AWS Alexa.
- Chatbot: base on Rasa, an open source text-based chatbot, written in Python.


Gotop - O'Reilly, Book Translation "97 Things Every Programmer...", Aug 2014 ~ Aug 2014

Translate "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts" from English to Chinese with my friend. This book collects many ideas from experts in various fields, and let software engineers' eye opening.


Zealot Digital, Full Stack Game Engineer, Jan 2009 ~ Jul 2014

Staring my career, working in various fields of PC games.

C++ based game server; MS-SQL; Web tool; Squirrel based game engine; Web game


Gotop - O'Reilly, Book Translation "JavaScript Patterns", Nov 2011 ~ Nov 2011

Translate "JavaScript Patterns" from English to Chinese. In 2011, this book can help junior engineers become senior engineers.



National Chung Cheng University, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2002 ~ 2007

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