Work Experience

台灣塑膠工業股份有限公司 Formosa Plastics Corporation, Engineer, Mar 2020 ~ Present

- Full stack Development:Node.js, C#, Python, ASP.NET core.
- Build Customized Features : Reports, Trend graphs, Web
servers, Refurbishment projects.
- OPC、OPC UA:Design communication interface between
control system and MES systems.
- PC trouble shooting:Configuring PCs, Assigning IP
addresses, adding PCs to the local LAN and corporate
​- Firewall Management:Setup and Manage firewall in DCS (
Distribute Control System ).

In some case gradually introduces functions such as APC (Advanced Process Control) and Data Models, and the calculated data needs to be transmitted to the control system (DCS, PLC).

In order for process personnel to refer to or directly control part of the process, or there are different control systems (PLC, DCS) in the field that need to be integrated into one system,

All need to use the OPC UA/DA protocol for data transmission, and I am responsible for the development of this part of the software.

In addition, each case also has requirements for customized functions, such as reports, trend graphs, web servers, or refurbished projects of old software.

新人類資訊科技股份有限公司 NewType Infortech Co., Ltd., Software Engineer, Apr 2019 ~ Sep 2019

- BPM (Business Process Management):Use C# ASP.Net to
customize BPM system.
- Project Management:Manage BPM projects , communicate
with customers and engineers

The main work content is the development of customized content of BPM projects, such as form design, customized functions, data processing, etc., mainly developed on the .Net platform.

Due to the notice of military service, the national obligation was fulfilled first.


National Kaohsiung Normal University, Bachelor’s Degree, Software Engineering , 2015 ~ 2019

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