Odis Jones

Odis Jones grew up in Detroit, Michigan. With a football scholarship, he received his BAS from Central Michigan University in sociology, followed by his Master’s in public administration from Western Michigan University.

Jones has spent the last 30 years of his life managing cities and helping economies grow from both a city and state perspective, both in the economics department as well as developing utilities and water server capacities.

From 2000 to 2004, as their city manager, Jones made Obetz, OH, the logistics hub of the Midwest. Next, as the CEO of the Columbus Urban Growth Corporation, he helped redevelop the Gowdy Field in Columbus, OH, into a business park. In 2008, he helped rebuild the skyline in Paterson City, NJ, over four years. Jones then returned to Ohio to help redevelop the waterfront in Cincinnati.

In 2013, Jones served as the CEO of the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit and led the effort to relight the city of Detroit, MI, by rebuilding the city streetlights and electrical grid. More recently, Jones served as City Manager/CEO of Hutto, TX, and led an economic boom that led to over $4 billion of private investment in the community to acquire a new water system.

Odis Jones is currently the CEO of Cobblestone Development. He resides in Hutto, TX, with his wife and five children, and is an active boater who enjoys the ride of the Great Lakes in Michigan.

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Work Experience

Cobblestone Development and Consulting, President/CEO, Jan 2020 ~ Present

. Responsible for the overall operations and management of this consulting firm that provides services to help
city's and real estate developer's streamline their entitlement processes as well as establishing and executing
on public financing strategies that build public infrastructure
. Provide daily management of the site selections process for national clients
. Provide project management services for the creation of special finance districts for the City's including tax
increment financing, special assessment districts and municipal bond financing structures
. Prepares and implements economic development plan and tax credit applications

City of Hutto, City Manager (CEO) , Jan 2016 ~ Dec 2019

Population : 35, 000

. Responsible for managing the day to day operations and affairs of this full service City located Austin, TX
metroplex of which includes providing direction and oversight of the real-estate development as well as
entitlement process for the construction of public infrastructure and real-estate development projects
throughout the City
. Responsible for negotiating government leases for the use of the government as well as the repositioning of
real-estate space with private tenants for office, industrial and retail property owned by the City
. Led the acquisition of 250 acres for the development of a 3 million sq. ft. industrial park as well as negotiating
a land lease deal to build the vertical development on the site
. Led the acquisition and sale of 53 acres for the Co-Op District to a developer while overseeing the
construction of a 500 sq. ft. of retail, office and apartments mixed use site anchored by a new civic center
including the construction of a new City Hall and Library
. Successfully managed and implemented a community participatory process that led to the adoption of a new
Comprehensive Land Use Plan that will guide the communities growth
. Successfully negotiated and purchased a water system for the City and planned, designed build 25 miles of
water and sewer trunk lines
. Recruited Perfect Game/Major League Baseball recruiting network's National Headquarters to the City a
development that will generate a 200mm annual economic impact to the community along with generating
a 150k hotel bid stays to the Austin, TX region
. Successfully planned, built and engineered a new City Hall, Amphitheater, Police Headquarters and 32 miles
of road ways and 4 bridges within the City

Public Lighting Authority of Detroit, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) , Jan 2013 ~ Dec 2016

Population : 700, 000

. Responsible for the day to day operations this public utility and the implementation of the policies of the
Board of Directors including the preparation and management of a 250mm budget
. Planned, organized and evaluated the work of all departments to ensure that operations and services comply
with the policies and direction of the Board of Directors.
. Directed the development of the capital improvement plan budget for approval by the Board as well as
monitored the implementation of adopted budgets.
. Directed the Community Development and real estate permitting process for development projects
. Performed financial and managerial analyses for the Board of Directors, Mayor, City Council and State
Legislatures pertaining to progress and operations of Authority.

City of Cincinnati, Executive Director of Economic Development, Jan 2012 ~ Dec 2014

Population : 301, 000

. Directed the City of Cincinnati's overall mission and method of Economic Development and stimulated an
environment for growth, job creation, and economic vitality throughout the City.
. Managed the City's real estate and parking facilities including the construction of a new 500 space garage
. Worked with staff, community and City Council to adopt an Economic Development plan for City
Neighborhoods and the Downtown Including tax incentives, small business loans, bond financing programs,
tax abatements as well as planning initiatives related to zoning and design overlays.
. Served as a member of City executive team managed a budget of 53mm and a staff of 145 including the
divisions of economic development, parking, building services and community development.

State of New Jersey, Director of Real Estate and Economic Development, Jan 2008 ~ Dec 2012

Population : 8, 875, 000
. Directed a strategy throughout the State of New Jersey to generate jobs utilizing a portfolio of small business
loans, tax credits, and the sale and purchase of real estate as well as leading development projects including
obtaining local governmental entitlements while managing corporate site selection processes and
construction activity.
. Performed analysis and proposed economic development deals to the Board of Directors,
Mayors/Councilmembers and the Governors Office.
. Established and maintained relationships with local Mayors, Councilmembers and State Legislatures while
assisting Cities with developing economic development plans and business recruiting and retention strategies.
. Managed a tax credit portfolio, tax increment finance program and infrastructure investment fund as approved
by the State legislature and Governor as well as a staff of professionals operating throughout the State
. Served as Director of Real Estate for the Fort Monmouth Redevelopment Authority and successfully
recruited ComVault to acquire and develop their World Headquarters on the Base

City of Keokuk, City Administrator, Nov 2007 ~ Feb 2008

Population : 12, 000
. Directed the day to day operations of the local government including all City departments and budget of
30mm reported directly to the Mayor
. Negotiated new bargaining agreements for Mayor and City Council approval
. Prepared and proposed an annual budget for the City Council adoption
. Restructured the organization to align with the Mayor and City Council budget policy

Columbus Urban Growth Corporation, President/CEO, Jan 2004 ~ Dec 2007

Population : 901, 000
. Directed the day to day operations of this Redevelopment Authority of the City of Columbus, OH reported
directly to a 11 member Board of Directors and the Mayor of the City of Columbus
. Led the development of 2 million sq. ft. industrial park within the center city area of the City
. Led the redevelopment of Gowdy Field including the recruitment and construction of 200k sq. ft. Class A
office building for the Time Warner Mid-West corporate office to the City.
. Led the development of Affordable Housing projects within the Center City Areas of the City as well as the
tax incentive and small business loan portfolio of the City targeting the Center City Area.
. Worked with neighborhood associations and the planning/zoning Board to adopt a Center City
redevelopment plan.

City of Obetz, Village Manager, Jan 2000 ~ Dec 2004

Daytime Population : 26, 000
. Provided oversight of all day to day operations of this full service City including its utilities and
departments reported directly to the Mayor and City Council while supervising a budget of 15mm and a
total staff of 112.
. Formulated a financial package which was used to plan and construct a New City Hall and Police
. Prepared and successfully proposed to City Council a new water/sewer rate structure that allowed for the
implementation of a new service territory expansion and capital improvement plan.
. Worked with City Council to adopt a new comprehensive plan and economic development strategy that
lead to the development a new CSX rail intermodal facility and 4 industrial parks.
. Directed the implementation of a new Information Technology system that improved Citywide auditing
controls, reporting and customer service to the residence, Mayor and City Council :

City of Centralia, Interim City Manager, Jan 2004 ~ Jul 2004

Population : 17, 000
. Directed the day to day operations of this full service City and all departments reported to the Mayor and
City Council managed a budget of 38mm and staff of 178.
. Restructured City'staff and organization to eliminate City'structured deficit including the outsourcing of
waste collection and legal services
. Prepared and successfully proposed for adoption of City Council a new City budget
. Negotiated new bargaining contracts with three unions and hired a new Police Chief and Finance Director
for the City with community and City Council input.
. Worked with City Council to adopt a new zoning code and citywide planning master plan



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