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Rachel Withers was a ballet dancer who formally trained at the Royal Ballet School. She retired from the Royal Ballet in 1999, but still incorporates her passion for dance into her everyday life. Rachel is a self-proclaimed FITpreneur who loves helping other women meet their fitness goals in a fun and challenging way with BalletBeFit.

Rachel Withers used her professional ballet history to design a group-based exercise class, inspired by ballet techniques. At BalletBeFit, Rachel hires experienced dance/fitness instructors who can continue learning through BalletBeFit Academy, maintaining high standards for the company and their clients. As founder and CEO of BalletBeFit, Rachel Withers hopes to use her knowledge as a FITpreneur to help others break into the industry.

Rachel Withers learned much of her business management skills through her career in the student accommodation industry. These business insights gave her much of the knowledge to start BalletBeFit and continue on her journey as a FITpreneur.

Personal Empowerment and Business Coach, CEO-Founder
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Work Experience

Rachel Withers HQ, Personal Empowerment and Business Coach, Apr 2020 ~ Present

Through the building of her business BalletBeFit, Rachel recognised the importance of mindset and using certain strategies to build a sustainable and profitable business.
Rachel believes we all have what it takes to live the life we deserve. We just don’t always know how. As an author ‘Become a FITPreneur’, 'Ballet Body’, a speaker, and Personal Empowerment & Business Coach, Rachel offers personal, self development and mindset programmes as well as wealth mastery and business programmes to help educate woman to be socially and economically empowered, to have control over their health, wellbeing, career and finances. To have a voice in the decisions which shape their lives and the lives of their families. Rachel supports women to have a personal sense of self confidence and the power to control their private and public lives.

Balletbefit, Owner and CEO, Mar 2012 ~ Present

A former dancer who trained with the Royal Ballet, Rachel's been fortunate enough to dance at theatres such as the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and meet incredible artists such as the most beautiful Margot Fonteyn. Rachel is the founder of the successful fitness concept Balletbefit which has helped women build their own fitness business using her Ballet based fitness method
Balletbefit Rachel now has women attending her classes worldwide.

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