River Wang (Sheng Chuan Wang)

River is a 'game-dev' addict guy who is passionate about computer graphics and game development technologies. He has completed building more than 5 software application products. He served in NCHC as an associate researcher, developed the 'CranMed' application for cranioplasty planning (used in more than 80 clinical cases). When he moved into MOREGEEK Co. he was responsible for game engine development and game quality/performance tuning. He helped a lot with both in-game stability and mobile app client development. Products 'OrbitSaga' and 'OrbitLegnds' launched on both GOOGLE PLAY and APP STORE successfully. Now he serves in a startup company, Soteria Biotech, dedicated to innovative medical software.

[email protected]

Work Experience

Soteria Biotech (太暘科技), Senior Software Engineer, Jan 2018 ~ Dec 2020

WPF Programming (NoesisGUI)
Image Processing (SimpleITK)
Unity Engine Development (Scriptable Render Pipeline + Shader Graph)
Software Test/Validation (Unity Test Runner)
IEC 62304 for Software Engineering
Lead Software Development (Define requirements, architecture, Q.A.)
Product: Soteria DcmRecons

DELTA (台達電子), Senior Software Engineer, Apr 2017 ~ Dec 2017

IEC 62304 Documents for Software Engineering
Surveys OGRE (v2.1 Data Oriented Technology) & OpenCASCAD

Moregeek Entertainment (摩鉅科技), Senior Software Engineer, Sep 2011 ~ Mar 2017

Computer Graphics Techniques (OpenGL / Direct3D)
Game Engine Development (Irrlicht: OpenGL / OpenGL ES)
Game Client Development (Timeline for in-Game Storytelling)
Rendering Quality and Performance Tuning (Shadow Mapping / Hardware Skinning / Normal Mapping)
Mobile Game App (iOS/Android) Development (Video Player / iOS ReplayKit)
FX Editor Tool Development (Technical Artist Development: Timeline Editor, Shaders)
Product: OrbitSaga (Japan) / OrbitLegends (International)

National Center for High Performance Computing (國家高速網路與計算中心), Associate Researcher, Oct 2005 ~ Sep 2011

Scientific Visualization (Clip Plane / Scalar Fields / Vector Fields / Volume Rendering)
Medical Surgical Planning (80+ Use Cases for Clinical Cranioplasty)
Computational Analysis Assistant Tool
Windows GUI programming (MFC / wxWidgets / Java)
Computer Graphics Rendering (Order-Independent Transparent Rendering)


National Taiwan Ocean University, Institute of Computer Science and Engineering, Master’s Degree, Computer Science and Engineering, 2003 ~ 2005

Loved Computer Graphics,
Software based rendering (shadow mapping/bump mapping),
Splatting volume rendering.

National Taiwan Ocean University, Computer Science Department, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, 1999 ~ 2003

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