Sabohat Juraeva

The junior student with a GPA of 4.2/4.5 in Computer Science major at INHA University in Tashkent. Currently working part-time in logistics, for American Trucking Company as a dispatcher. Have good communication skills, very adaptable and responsible.

Graphic Designer
[email protected]

Work Experience

GG Cargo Group, Dispatcher, Jun 2020 ~ Present

- Increased the profit efficiency of the company by 20% in 2020.
- Expanded the number of partners and sponsors to about 10 in 2020 and 2021.



INHA University in Tashkent, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, 2018 ~ 2022

- Participated in many volunteering and charity activities from the freshmen year.
- Achieved a couple of scholarships:
1. Half-Scholarship with 4.29/4.50 GPA and 6/288 ranking.
2. Full-Scholarship with 4.50/4.50 GPA and 1/273 ranking.

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