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Shih-Ming He

Ph. D.
Contributing to environmental-friendly technology and creating a positive perspective of life circumstances always motivate me. Based on my physics major and desire to contribute an environmental-friendly spirit, I received my Ph.D. in Energy Engineering in 2021. During my doctoral career, I have 5+ years of experience: 1. 2D materials synthesis with CVD, R2RCVD, B2BCVD methods. 2. Different Spectroscopy, such as Raman, XPS, XRD, AFM, SEM, etc., for material characterization 3. 2D material-based advanced application in OLED, FET, etc. 4. Modification of material properties using ion implantation, plasma, surface doping, FSAM structure, etc. Additionally, with my outstanding communication and presentation skills and research enthusiasm, in 2015 and 2016, I was selected for academic exchanges at Hiroshima University and Shizuoka University, respectively. Then in 2017, I was invited to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for experiment cooperation. In 2020, I obtained the Taiwan Academic Talents Overseas Advancement Program as visiting student to visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Furthermore, collaboration and observation, with proficiency in problem-solving, are part of my skill set. Experience in interacting with diverse groups and experts has given me an in-depth understanding and awareness of differences in individuals and organizations contributing. Finally, I have published eight papers in professional journals and participated in 9 international conferences with 6 oral presentations during my doctoral periods. I seek opportunities for renewable energy, energy engineering, materials, and 2D materials-related research engineering or scientist job, a postdoc in either academic or industrial, and an assistant professor. Thanks for your time.
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國立中央大學 National Central University
Tainan City, Taiwan


Raman spectroscopy analysis
Chemical Vapor Deposition
2D materials
Atomic fored Microscopy
Lithography Process
Material Analysis


Native or Bilingual


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國立中央大學 National Central University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

2016 - 2021
3.6/4 GPA
The skill I have learned: CVD system build (involve gas-line set up), material synthesis with a CVD method, filed-effected transistor made (lithography), functionalized with ion implantation, characterized with Raman spectroscopy, AFM, etc. The unique technique: ultra-large suspended 2D materials preparation. During the doctoral periods, I have published 8 papers in professional journals, including 3 first author; participated in 9 international conferences, had 6 oral presentations; and was awarded one best presentation award and one outstanding award. In 2020, I was expected to have Taiwan Academic Talents Overseas Advancement Program at MIT but terminated by the worldwide pandemic COVID-19.
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輔仁大學 Fu Jen Catholic University

Bachelor of Science (BS)

2010 - 2014
2.9/4 GPA
Activities and societies
Captain of basketball team of Physics department.
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