sriram hegde

It was 2014, I started coding with RubyOnRails and then halfway through I realized we could use JavaScript on the server. Nodejs was the hot thing then, it was simple and expressive, so I started to learn nodejs for backend and React for frontend, to support myself since I had dropped out of engineering I started to do freelancing at that time my cousin had few clients in Australia but they only needed someone with HTML and CSS knowledge only so I hopped into the project to support myself in the meantime I started to do fun hobby projects but was not sure of what to build and at that time I found a website called devchallenges.io where they host app designs to practice coding, I have done 8 out of 24 projects from devchallenges.io and I have completed Frontend Challenge from freecodecamp.org. Meanwhile, I became interested in web and graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and Figma and Framer for prototyping so I am trying out cool UI/UX design also. My main goal is to learn the full cycle of product design and development while sustaining myself, I want more challenges, exposure to new technologies, going through unknown terrain, maybe explore digital marketing or deep learning, I'm open to new challenges.

Frontend Developer
[email protected]

Work Experience

Freelancing, Frontend Developer, Feb 2018 ~ Present

I have worked with Australia Clients, my role was to create Responsive HTML and CSS website for each web design given by the designer.

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