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高雄人,國立中正大學通訊所畢業。曾任職於明泰科技,職位是軟體工程師,主要負責網通嵌入式系統 產品的開發(LTE、5G protocol etc)

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Work Experience

明泰科技, 軟韌體工程師, Oct 2017 ~ Present

1. Combining TDD phy code and L2/L3 source code.
2. Porting source code between FDD/TDD system.
3. improving TDD small cell throughput.
(developing tdd ul dl configuration 0)
4. Improving TDD small cell stability to reduce uplink/downlink bler.(developing Link Adaption)
5. Maintain LTE protocol function.
6. Improving FDD small cell stability in complex environment.
7. Improving NBiot small cell stability.


國立中正大學, Master’s Degree, 通訊所系統組, 2014 ~ 2016

國立聯合大學, Bachelor’s Degree, 電子工程系, 2010 ~ 2014

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