York Chen

Cooking is an indispensable part of life. It is a taste that can't be forgotten. 🍳🍰🍹☕️

Front-end Engineer
Taipei Special Municipality, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Ruten Japan, Frontend Engineer, Jan 2020 ~ Present

•The cross-border E-commerce company from japan. We work in 13 countries; Canada, Korea and Taiwan are among our partners. It is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce websites with customers growing from 0 to 100 thousand in just one year.
•Designed e-commerce campaign webpage for marketing. In double eleven, I design website layout, discount code and tracking code to get promote special goods such as snacks, appliances and games.
•Integrated shipment tracking API from DHL and Japan post ’s EMS system, so the clients can know where their package is. This includes the ideas of repairing and returns.
•Integrated SoftBank payment gateway API, letting user easier to paid with credit card and to refund money.
•Maintain and update ERP system and content management system. Developed log-in and authority Management of different types for places like the PM authority model.
•Computed financial report from database. Letting marking or PM know what hot sale products in our service are. We can then recommend those products to our customer member.
•Design stock management report for marking, letting they know what type of products are over-sold or have to change to other hot-selling product for preparation.
•Built cache and router control method, to help users easily access different pages or save web resources like image, javascript, etc before reloading the page.
•Participating in all E-commerce application decision-making processes which includes the database design, tooling, deployment processes, E-commerce campaign design, etc.
•Working with a team consisting of 2 Backend Engineer (PHP), 2 DevOps Engineer, 2 other Frontend Developer and 1 UI/UX Designer.


Tagtoo, Frontend Engineer, Sep 2019 ~ Dec 2019

Tracking E-commerce user behavior events by google analytics and google tag manager with jQuery.

E-commerce Shop Crawler by python library beautiful soup.


Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering of NTU, Information Systems Manager, Aug 2015 ~ Dec 2017

From 2015 to 2017, I worked as Information System Manager in Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering in National Taiwan University, handled the maintenance of Department and Communication Center Web-pages and to develop a Recruiting System for Graduation School. Due to the Web-pages and System were developed by different manager, the codes were disordered very much. To do the system maintenance, I needed to review the codes that designed by Ex-managers to understand the original logic thinking of the programs design. I learned on how to review the codes that designed by the others and modified them to become more flexible and easier maintenance. Also I had to write the comments, ReadMe files to allow the codes to be easier understanding, exchanging, and sharing with the co-workers.


NETivism , Full Stack developer Internship, Jul 2014 ~ Aug 2014

On 2014, I had two months practical training in NETivism as summer intern, mainly I involved in a special revise project of the Coolloud Website. The Coolloud Website is a famous Web media in the social movement field in Taiwan and have been reporting social movement news that not interested by the majority media for a long time. So far, this Website has lasted longer than twenty years and accumulated more than 70000 reported news materials. I was responsible on design a PHP program to export the news articles from the old Website to import into the corresponded data base of the new Revision website.



National Taiwan University, Master’s Degree, Library and Information Science , 2014 ~ 2018

• Thesis Title: Exploring Cooking Hobbyists’Serious Leisure Characteristics and Their Information Behavior.
• Teaching assistant in courses: Web User Interface Design, Interactive Web Programming, Information Architecture and Web Design.
• Including sharing administrative affairs with faculty instructors, teaching classes, consulting students’ inquiries, grading students’ reports and exams.
• NTULIS Website Revision: The project consisted of teachers and students. First visited teachers, students, alumni, applicants. Then planned user interface design and designed the information architecture. Responsible for CSS program and wrote the copywriting for web visitors, focused on the picture book library interview report.

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