Software Engineer
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Work Experience

HTC, senior software engineer, Mar 2018 ~ Present

[Subscription Service]

[1]Calculate next charge date for the user and make the user understand subscription status through transaction record.
[2]Provide agreement changing.
[3]Remind users of the next charge date.
[4]Provide campaigns to specific subscribers through customer grouping.
[5]Develop Restful API (e.g., product information, purchasing, redeem, subscriber data and so on) to clients.
[6]Send subscriber data to BI for data analysis.
[7]Send subscriber transaction records to the revenue system for revenue share with developers.

[Search Service]

[1]Use a third-party service (Algolia) to provide fast queries.
[2]Develop Restful API (e.g., search product) to clients.

[Data Migration]

[1]Implement Order migration (around 4 million records), wallet migration and bundle product migration
[2]Build a project with a common module including db connection, db operation and useful function, for data migration. Achieve function reusing and increase development efficiency when developing together.

[Hardware revenue share]
[1]Use python script upload order data to google cloud storage through Jenkins to let BI team do follow-up processing.

[Campaign Service]
[1]Sync revenue proportion to revenue service when the admin creates or updates campaign information.

[Recommendation Service]
[1]Develop Restful API to recommend most popular and personalized content to users.


國立清華大學, Master’s Degree, 通訊工程, 2015 ~ 2018

國立中正大學, Bachelor’s Degree, 電機工程, 2011 ~ 2015

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