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Usher Khan

Dermatology Medical Assistant & Registered Orthopedic Tech (ROT)
Usher Khan is an aspiring physician. He maintains a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience Studies, which has established the foundation of his future career in the medical field. As he works towards obtaining his doctorate, Khan currently works independently as a Science Tutor. He also volunteers in the emergency department of a local hospital and proudly represents his mosque as a Senior Volunteer.
Orthopedic Surgery Clinic


Neuroscience Studies



Work experiences

Medical Assistant

Orthopedic Surgery Clinic

Jan 2020 ~ Present

Medical Assistant

Dermatology Clinic

Jan 2020 ~ Present

Science Tutor


Jan 2018 ~ Present
Driven by a passion for teaching others, Usher Khan has worked as an independent tutor since high school. Now in pursuit of an education and career in the field of Medicine, Khan currently provides high school, college and graduate level students with science tutoring services.
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