Yun Cheng Hsin

Developer, not specific to only one field; Want to participate at a strong team and make great product.

Software Engineer
[email protected]

Work Experience

Viewsonic, Senior Software Engineer, Jul 2021 ~ Present

No detail yet. Relate to streaming and education industry.

HTC, Senior Viveport Developer, May 2018 ~ Jul 2021

•Main developer of Vive Video (VR Media Player)

- Increase the loading speed of video thumbnail from worst scenario of 3s to 0.2s

- Implement Ambisonic Audio under runtime env, got help from HTC 3dsp team

- Create 6 dof lite effect (Allow user to move around inside 360 video)

Wrainbo Inc, Full Stack Developer, Nov 2015 ~ Apr 2018

• Pragmatic Leadership 2017-2018
- Cooperate with US Coaching firm BLG to build a enterprise-level training simulator.

- Develop web-based dialogue tree editor. This help user to design their own dialogue path more intuitively.

- Transmit data to app with Assetbundle and zip file, for accomplishing “hot” game content update.

- Auto script voice generation with Amazon Polly, it ease user to have a better overall sense before hiring voice actor.

• Business Battle 2015 - 2017
- Build micro simulation, user can receive an immediate personal record after each game

- Assign shadow player to mimic real-time player, so player can always find a match without waiting

- Design a systematic process to transform art asset, font color between themes, and successfully reduce the process time from 2 hours to 5 minutes

Bull-B tech, Android Developer / Web Full stack, Jul 2013 ~ Feb 2015

- Handle all the back-end CMS content and most utility functions in front-end

- Functionality such as registration and forming user’s company/project webpage

• True Color
- Responsible for ”Recent” and 'Following' hybrid page, made with JavaScript

- Including infinite content scroll, messaging network, and review system

In short, learn how to write software as a team


City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor’s Degree, Information System, 2011 ~ 2013

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