Valerie Varnuska 

Interested in Technology and the Arts

Valerie Varnuska, a resident of Westbury, NY, enjoys learning about the mechanical innovations that have given rise to the modern world. Certain feats of mechanical engineering especially impress her, including the massive combines that make large-scale farming possible. Valerie Varnuska has observed how technological progress is often a factor of small changes in specific parts that ultimately render machinery more labor efficient. 

Besides farm machinery, she’s impressed by state-of-the-art advances like the robotic hand and regularly watches robotic competitions as they appear on television. Besides appreciating mechanical and robotic developments, Valerie Varnuska of Westbury, NY, takes pleasure in observing traditional arts like dance and theater. Her favorites include performances of such classic plays as William Shakespeare’s The Taming of Shrew and such classic operas as Arthur Sullivan’s the Pirates of Penzance. 

Moreover, Ms. Varnuska spends time in the outdoors admiring her natural surroundings. She has a fondness for the natural sciences, especially astronomy. On occasion, she takes in the night sky during stargazing excursions.

Westbury, NY , US

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