Lyu Jhih-Huei 呂志輝

Cell : 0912-357095

Email : [email protected]

I study in electrical engineering , National Taipei University of Technology, But I also have programming language skills .I have skill  in electrical verification and programming ,and also have IC structures, semiconductors, software programs, UI/UX, video editing have a certain degree of understanding.


  Taipei City, Taiwan


National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei Tech .

Department of Electrical Engineering

2011/09 - 2017/06

Taipei Municipal Da-An Vocational High School

Information Software Division

2008/09 - 2022/06


Power Verification Engineer  •  ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Asus

Dec 2018 – Mar 2022 

Relevant test and certification of charging and discharging voltage, current, wattage. Of the notebook type of computer As well as verification and improvement of power supply efficiency for Notebook , Motherboards In addition, a special comparison is made for component materials to provide the best component feedback in power supply design.



  • User testing
  • Web usability
  • Notebook Power Quality  


  • Competitor analysis
  • Business research

Programming Skill

  • C#
  • C++
  • Html
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • UI/UX


    Hello, my name is Lyu Jhih-Huei. I graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology ,Department of Electrical Engineering.I have a relatively introverted personality. No matter when I was studying or during my internship, I treated everyone and everything with self-discipline and certain goals. Ridiculous, but down-to-earth, no matter how much time it takes, he will treat everything with a serious and hard-working attitude. Then through the following brief introduction, I hope you can get to know me better. 

    During the university period, my grades were maintained at a certain level, and the technical theory was slightly weak, but I was able to execute very well in practical operation. When I was studying in the Department of Information Science in high school, I also obtained the Class C license for computer hardware and software. Designing C++ , C# , Html , PHP , JAVA also has basic comprehension ability. Therefore, in the special research of the senior year, I chose the research that can combine hardware and software - the application of RFID and face recognition system. From this series of special research , learned a lot of relevant knowledge, and also learned that implementing a project requires a lot of thinking and patience, as well as team cooperation and execution. 

    Worked in ASUS Computer Co. As a laptop power supply verification engineer for three years and four months. In this position, I learned a lot of skills and knowledge about power supply Buck circuit, charging and discharging voltage, current, etc. And learn a lot of relevant practical work test verification and even auxiliary power supply research and development work experience, in addition, also designed the company department to verify the SOP related to facet film production, learned various types of film design and production, and designed various pictures during the company. During the company, I designed various pictures and videos. When another colleague in charge was sick, I completed all the related art and video editing work by myself. Since my career direction and ability development are not as good as I expected, I hope to be able to work in In the future, you can have a better development direction and space, and explore more potential of yourself , I left this position at the end of March 2022. I hope that in the future, I can find a job that is promising and can give full play to the talents I have learned, or even go abroad for business trips and challenge myself. 

    In the future workplace, I hope to achieve every job and task given by the company to the best of my ability and learning, learn more expertise and knowledge in different related fields during work, and improve myself more, hoping to bring the company with it. Growth, development, bring a lot of contributions to the company.