Guo-Long Chen

8F.-1, No. 550, Wunsin S. Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone : +886-937-575-200           E-mail : [email protected]


For interest and job request, I have the experience of hardware(maintain equipment) and software(Linux/Unix operation and program), and like to think outside the box and learn the new thing.  I hope to apply the software engineer position.

Professional Profile

2020 Dec. ~ Now - ASML UIR SIE

1. Finish 3 machines of NXT1980 installation

2. Support Customer(TSMC F14AP7 & F18A) BRES setting for new machine installation

2020 Feb. ~ 2020 Aug. - TSMC F18A Machine Type : XT1460/860/400

1. Linux/Unix operation and Script coding

2. LCP2 Server setup & maintain

3. Litho Insight Service Server maintain & setup

4. cASCAL (subrecipe) setup & maintain (for XT1460)

6. New Tool Network setup : BRES (firewall T/S) & Alarm & FDC & ADC setting

7. Automation(SECS) issue T/S

8. Copy the script which can search mask from F15B

2016 Jan. ~ 2020 Feb. - TSMC F15B Machine Type : NXT1980/1970

1. Knowledge of advanced control about C&T, WH, and RH

2. Software structure of Linux system

3. Linux operation and Script coding

4. LCP2 Server setup & maintain

5. Litho Insight Service Server maintain & setup

6. cASCAL (dataset) setup & maintain : EDI auto purge issue Fixed

7. New Tool Network setup : BRES (firewall T/S) & Alarm & FDC & ADC setting

8. Automation(SECS) issue T/S

9. SW6.3 upgrade : upgrade time reduction

10. Create script for searching the record of Mask in every F15B machine

2012 Jun. ~ 2016 Jan. - TSMC F15A Machine Type : NXT1950/1960

1. Knowledge of structure about every module

2. Learned PM skill - patch install/backout

3. Unix operation and Script coding

4. LCP1 management

5. cASCAL (subrecipe) setup & maintain

6. New Tool Network setup : BRES & Alarm & FDC setting

7. SW6.1 upgrade


Server Management

  • Linux/Unix system administration
  • SSH/Telnet/FTP remotely operated
  • Monitor Server status by script


  • Linux/Unix shell script
  • Excel VBA
  • DOS batch script
  • C


  • Familiar with the Linux/Unix operation and setting
  • Ability to organize project about Hardware(Equipment) and Software(Automation)
  • Program coding by Linux/Unix script, VBA macro, DOS batch script, and C
  • Server Maintain : LCP & Tool & Standard server
  • Familiar with Fab Network structure : BRES/AUTOMATION(SECS)/ADC system
  • NXT machine fast trouble shooting & recover
  • Language : Chinese, English, and Taiwanese  

Work Experience

ASML UIR SIE, 2020 Dec. ~ Now

  • NXT system installation (There are 3 machines that finish installation)
  • Support to set New machine BRES of F14AP7 and F18A

TSMC Fab18A, 2020 Feb. ~ 2020 Aug.

  • Support to build the machine schedule script which can automatically monitor machine status and mail summary daily
  • Support to build one-click system on VBA Excel from F15B
  • Create the script to build one-click system and schedule script in one command

TSMC Fab15B, 2016 Jan. ~ 2020 Feb.

  • Create the one-click system on VBA Excel to cooperate Linux Script for human effort saving (example: Collecting the data of every machine)
  • Manage and maintain the LCP / Workstation / Backup Data server
  • Network structure know well : AUTOMATION (SECS) / BRES / Equipment

TSMC Fab15A, 2012 Jun. ~ 2016 Jan.

  • Create the some Unix Script to prevent the unexpected malfunction of all equipments



National Central University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering - 2008 - 2011

Topic of Seniors is about 3D IC. Writing a program which arrange the plane of IC to the several floors

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