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Software Engineer

  Kampala, Uganda

A Software Engineer with a strong focus on backend development, I am passionate about learning new technologies in order to solve problems and build products. I enjoy working in a team and on projects that force me to go out of my comfort zone.

Work Experience

Backend Engineer  •  self-employed

September 2021 - Present

As a Backend Engineer, I am a member of a team that develops and maintains an API that records NFT creators' information and their NFTs.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
- Implementing REST using TypeScript (Nestjs) that provides data to a NFT platform.
- Integrating various external APIs such as token asset prices into our internal API.
- Working in a database design team.
- Setting up AWS service for uploading files
- Using Web 3 for user’s address validation and other checking

Software Engineer  •  Freelancer

February 2021 - August 2021

Developing local web sites and web applications using VueJS, Node/JS&TS

Backend Engineer  •  Justice Bot

January 2020 - January 2021

As a Backend Engineer, I was a member of a team that had to ensure all the APIs were working seamlessly with different platforms the company was developing and, most importantly, providing smart endpoints to the chatbot in order to serve customers accordingly.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
- Implementing REST & GRAPHQL API using TypeScript that provides data to a chatbot and other platforms.
- Integrating Facebook GRAPH API to our internal API.
- Partnering with product managers, designers, and analysts to deeply understand the needs of users and build a
product that serves those needs.
- Delivering improvements to our internal tooling and development environment to improve the time it takes to
deliver software changes.
- Migrating all the API code base to TypeScript
- Leading & managing a team of Junior Developers during their volunteering program.
- Working in a database design team.
- Improved test coverage by setting up a unit test framework to reduce the risk of breaking production after the addition of new engineers on the project or new features.

Intern Software Engineer  •  Integrated Intelligent Computer Systems

May 2018 - July 2018

At IICS, I was part of a team that was developing a module called antenatal information system which was a segment of the hospital management system project.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
- Collecting and gathering requirements from users that helped to come up with a project plan.
- Designing database for the antenatal project
- Designing and implementing the antenatal information system using Spring framework, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery and some other libraries.
- Integrating the antenatal module into the main project.


International University of East Africa

Software Engineering

2016 - 2020


  • Backend Development
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • web3.js
  • AWS
  • NodeJS/Express
  • NestJS
  • GraphQL/Apollo
  • VueJS
  • CI/CD
  • SQL
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • Flutter
  • Git/GitHub
  • Jest


  • English — Professional
  • French — Professional
  • Lingala — Fluent
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