Chalin Wu. 


Frontend programer / Visual Designer




Mobile Banking App

JAN 2021 -JUN 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

software industry  100~500 people

1. Financial system developmentAccount inquiry  /Bill for collection  /Asset details /Unlisted transactions detail /Statement /Account balance 
⊛ Implement dynamic overlay system with ng-template。 ⊛ Connect with restful api to implement response-based Model。 ⊛ Lazy loading。 ⊛ Shared components。 ⊛ ReactiveForm Multi-layer form validation and validation style。 ⊛ Web accessibility。 
2. Advertising center development:Include carousel function and manual page change function ⊛Develop a shared carousel directive。 ⊛ Rxjs management advertising state machine  
3. Use Rxjs to implement state management  
4. restful api
5. Develop general pipe components
6. Development of general directive components

WebComm Technology 
Co. , Ltd.  

Mobile Banking App

JUL 2021 -
Taipei, Taiwan

software industry  100~500 people

1. Transfer system devolopment: Scheduled transfer/ general transfer
⊛ Search result keywords highlight 
⊛ scroll to currently selected item when entering the page  
⊛  Change the date display in response to the content of the newly added information
⊛  Drag the card switch button 


1990 - 1993


The Education of Art


My name is Wu Chang-Lin. I have been working in the field of fine art vision for a long time, and I am particularly good at visual design.

After I got to know more about UI design in 2019, I am interested in programming.

As I want to work in the financial industry, I started to learn angular last year (2020) by the advice of my friends. In January this year I got a job as a Programmer in Mitake Information Corporation, and was assigned in a mobile banking App development project team.

I transferred to Envotion Technology Services Corporation this Jun as a front-end development engineer. This experience is precious. I have frequent communication with the back-end and become more proficient in function development.

In future I plan to refactoring the project structure, to move towards the goal of being a professional front-end developer.

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