Vic Lo

Backend engineer with experience in web services, process automation, and data research.



Senior Software Engineer  •  TrendMicro

六月 2011 - 五月 2021

- Develop an automated pattern process, which is trigger by git push. The process includes build pattern, test pattern, deploy pattern and verify the end-to-end result (golang)
- Develop a reverse proxy for a legacy service which is able to modify the server response according to the request (golang)

- Develop a containerized application which queries other services and judge if the incoming request is malicious or not (golang), deployed by kubernetes
- Develop a scan engine which allows threat researchers to write their detection rule (python)
- Develop a scam url (in SMS) detector which uses locality-sensitive hash to find similar short messages (python)
- Develop new APIs for a scan engine to support customer (C/C++)
- Develop a website classifier using Naive Bayes classifier (python)
- Develop a phishing url detector which uses url domain and html content as features (python)

System Software Engineer  •  Realtek

五月 2010 - 十二月 2010

- FPGA verification for Bluetooth system (C)
- Bluetooth 4.0

System Engineer  •  Airoha

四月 2008 - 五月 2010

- FPGA verification for Bluetooth system (C)
- Develop auto-test tools to verify Bluetooth functions (C#)
- Develop mass production tools for Bluetooth IC (C#)


2000 - 2004





  • AWS
  • CircleCI
  • ELK Stack
  • Golang
  • Python
  • Github
  • C#
  • C
  • Yara
  • Redis

  • English — 中階
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