Victor Vickery

Real Estate Entrepreneur

  Florida, USA

Victor Vickery is the CEO of Victory Marketing, a Real Estate company that actively and passively invests in properties. Victor merged his passion for interior design and flare for creativity by starting a business that buys properties, makes repairs and/or improvements to the property, and sells it later for a profit. Victor also passively invests in properties where he hires real estate firms to find and manage investment properties. Victor saw an opportunity to generate cash flow and capital doing what he loves and hasn't looked back.Victory Marketing uses complex and intuitive data analytic practices to find buyers for the properties he looks to sell. The data analytics practices use algorithms that were internally developed to identify market buying patterns. The buying patterns are found using artificial intelligence which target specific behaviors in the digital space thus connecting Victory Marketing with qualified buyers. Using these advanced methods - it has transformed the traditional process of buying and selling properties.

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