Victor Wagner Dias Ribeiro

Back-end Developer

I'm really passionate about learning and building new things. Also, sharing knowledge with my teammates and seeing a product growing up and being useful to people, making their lives easier, which is completely satisfying. This might sound a bit cliche, but it's what motivates me to keep developing awesome stuff.

I've been working in the Node.js ecosystem for 4 continuous years. I've been doing things from large/complex to small/micro applications, facing many problems during development, but getting it done in the end. I'm also very experienced at following design patterns and development processes (TDD, DDD & BDD) with a focus on making the project well organized, extendable and scalable.

  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Birthdate: 1997-07-13
  • Phone: +55 84 9 9946 7516
  • E-mail: [email protected]

  Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil


Work Experience

Back-end Developer  •  Deliverful

Worked on two different projects: Deliverful and

Deliverful's product is a hiring platform for drivers.
- Developed the main API of Deliverful, using Node.js and Firebase.
- Implemented integration with SaaS products, for personalized experience, such as Argyle (a gateway for employment data).
- Developed a "sync tool" to transfer the data from a NoSQL database (Firebase - Cloud Firestore) to a SQL one (CloudSQL for PostgreSQL). This project used the data coming from its job application surveys, to deliver analytical data to Deliverful's clients.

Carmigo's product is an auctioning platform for vehicles.
- Developed the main API of Carmigo, using Node.js and Firebase.
- Implemented integration with SaaS products, for personalized experience, such as:
- VIN Decoder service: VIN Decoder and Vehicle History Check.
- Black Book service: To offer more precise VIN-specific valuations, Black Book sources and integrates vehicle history report data from AutoCheck®.
- Implemented scheduled routines to ensure the correct work of every auction (closing auctions by running out of time or having a winner).

Common tasks developed on both projects:
- Implemented the culture of using TDD and also the project organization and design pattern. The development team didn't had applied this method of development, until when it was proposed and first attempted.
- Deployed web services as serveless functions on Firebase.
- Applied CI/CD for all the deployable projects (Back-end and Front-end).

October 2020 - June 2021

CTO & Back-end Developer  •  Wevond Co

Overall, dealing with the server side stuff of all the developed applications of the company. Some of the projects already developed while in this role are the following:

- Developed web services for a Marketplace platform, used by many and connecting small businesses with new customers. The app design is similar to food delivery apps like Uber Eats and iFood, where a user can search, locate items near to him (localization feature), and pay directly from the platform (Payment Gateway). I've also been responsible for the creation of an ERP integration service, featuring the integration with the Store's ERP system.

- Developed an REST API for a Social Media app. It has basic features but also sophisticated ones, like the 'Swipe' feature, which lets the user match other profiles and chat with them. The app is about the daily logging of the user's pet, and also discovering new friends for his pet.

- Developed a set of services (GraphQL API) for an educational platform. The purpose of this application was to develop the comprehension of the students about the content that was delivered to them inside the classroom, on a daily basis. So, it was required to implement analytical algorithms, so the student (and any other interested person) would get detailed data about his engagement within the classroom.

March 2018 - Present


2016 - 2021

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte

Diploma of Higher Education in Systems Analysis and Development

2015 - 2017

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

Digital Games Developer



  • Node.js (+4 yrs)
  • TypeScript (<1 yr)
  • Express.js (+4 yrs)
  • Nest.js (<1 yr)
  • PostgreSQL (+1 yr)
  • MySQL (+2 yr)
  • MongoDB (+1 yr)
  • REST API (+4 yrs)
  • Docker (+2 yrs)
  • Git (+4 yrs)
  • GraphQL (<1 yr)
  • AWS (+2 yrs)
  • GCP (+2 yrs)
  • React.js (+2 yrs)
  • React Native (+2 yrs)
  • Firebase (+3 yrs)
  • Message-broker software (<1 yr)

  • English — Professional
  • Russian — Intermediate
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