Vinay Sawant

 Technical Architect(Blockchain/Backend/Data Engineer/Data Science/ML/Go/Java/Rust)

•  City, MUMBAI IN  •  [email protected]

Backend Engineer/Blockchain Engineer, Coder, Problem Solver. 

I have 8+ years of experience in the Software Industry in Designing & Developing enterprise/cloud products for E-Commerce, Fintech and the Healthcare Industry. 

 Developed high-end products using advanced analytics and machine learning. Interested in developing high QPS distributed systems that are data-intensive & latency-sensitive. 

In my free time, I love listening to music and going for long walks. 

GitHub : https://github.com/vinay10949

Contact No: +919769711499/ +917021334841

Motive & Profile 

Motive & Profile Go-getter, passionate about technology, and innovation. Eager to utilize my technical skills to combine with AI/ML/Blockchain domain knowledge and create practical products for the real world.

Willing to develop values under company culture.


Programming Skills

8+ years of programming experience in languages like Java,Python,Golang. Experience on building BackEnd Systems,Microservices,Recommendation Engine, Loan Default Prediction Modules, SMS Profiling ,Fashion Recommendation etc using Data and Machine Learning.

Blockchain Skills

1year of experience writing consensus algorithms in Rust.
Familiarity with solidity ,and writing smart contracts.

Machine Learning skills

Sklearn, Numpy, Pandas, Rapids, Scipy, Keras, TensorFlow ,Causal Modelling, A/B Testing,Deployment


Rust, Golang, Python, Java, Solidity,Machine Learning, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Openzeppelin,Truffle, SQL,MySQL ,Golang ,Java , Spring , Hibernate  ,Hadoop , Tableau ,Linux ,NoSQL ,NLP ,Docker ,Computer Vision ,Rest/gRPC API ,Apache AirFlow, Git, Kubernetes, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

Cloud Platform:

Google Cloud Platform,AWS



Work Experience

SuperMoney (Software Engineer Backend, AI/ML/NLP ) June 2016 -Dec 2021

Worked at Technical Architect for building powerful services that power Fintech.
Built entire backend powered with MicroServices using REST/gRPC apis.

Built Real-Time Notification Engine that powers customer reminder notifications for repayments and eligibility for a new loan product. 

Built system that prevented likelihood of loan defaults by 40%  building powerful calibrated ML model

Built Deep Learning model for identifying documents like pan card, cheque few more etc and doing OCR on to Pan, Aadhar, Cheque ,Insurance documents etc. 

Built text analytical engine that profiles expenses and cash inflow from SMS's

Software Engineer (BookMyShow Aug 2014 ~ May 2016)

Solved problem of Cold-Start Recommendation Engine for recommending music using Audio Data.

Solved problem of Seat Occupancy by pinging 5k+ Cinemas for realtime seat allocation.

Worked on solving large scale data engineering problems by building large pipelines

Built backend microservices using gRPC/REST in Golang 

Was also part of DevOps for deployment of Machine Learning Services

BI Consultant (Team Computers-Mercedes) Aug 2013 ~ Feb 2014

Worked as trainee .
Worked on QlikView ,built dashboards for marketing analytics.


Novel Consensus For Blockchain:

Objective: Design novel consensus for layer 1 blockchain for Better security. Better speed. Better finality.

Working on implementation of highly scalable and fast consensus engine in collaboration with some of the world's top PhDs in Cryptography

Technology: Rust 

Marketplace application:

Objective: Design an application that covers the creation of an interactive marketplace. Clients of this application will purchase courses(students can choose products of their choice) with Ether. 
Page with real-time updates of Ether and course prices compared to the USD. 
 Also, it has 
  •  Next Js Integration with Web3 and Blockchain.
  •  Creation of a more complicated Solidity Smart Contract.
  •  Email hashing and order verification feature.
  • Testing solution for testing smart contract.
  •  Pagination and Filtering of orders

Link: Courses MarketPlace

Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens (Dharma/ETH):

Objective: Create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (dEx) powered by Ethereum smart contracts!

Designed frontend in React-Js for exchange.

Wrote smart contracts for depositing/Withdrawing and placing orders for Dharma Tokens.

Added Tests for testing features of smart contracts

Link: Kartavya Decentralized Exchange

ML Projects

Document OCR(Python)

Objective: To fetch information from documents by OCR 

Done OCR on documents like PAN, Aadhar Front, Aadhar Back to give appropriate user-level data, including photo
Used progressive calibration networks for rotation invariance to fetch photos from the document.
Developed an API for generating QR-code for UPI payments
Developed an API that will measure similarity between two names.
Developed an API that validates Aadhar no using the Verhoeff algorithm.

Document Detection using Deep NeuralNets

Objective: Create a model that can identify the type of document from images

Developed a CNN model for identifying document types like PAN, AADHAR FRONT, AADHAR BACK, and CHEQUE. 
Use transfer learning ResNet50, added layers and trained it. 
Was responsible for model training, creation and deployment.
Also created an API based on the connexion framework.
Technology: Python, Connexion, Docker 
Achievement: Saved huge cost for the company in doing preventing false OCR, saved operations cost  

Cardiovascular Disease Detection(Hackathon)

Objective: To design a system for detecting cardiovascular disease.

Role- End to End Deployment, Testing, Monitoring, Retraining

Responsible for Detailed EDA, Model Creation, deployment, testing of model, monitoring and retraining approach

Achievement: Obtained Recall of 82%, using F2 score as a metric.

Link : https://github.com/vinay10949/CVD

SmartBackGround Verification using DeepNeuralNets

Objective: To use automate the problem of background verification. 

Identifying eye descriptors and then calculating EAR I.e eye aspect ratio for the consecutive frame to identify if the person in the frame is blinking his eyes or not.
Built Face-Verification module to verify profile photos with document photos. 
Built Name & Address similarity engine which uses cosine similarity and Levenshtein Distance.

Short Term Loan Default Prediction (Python)

Objective: To create a model that can identify early loan defaulters.


Performed data engineering, data pipelining and detailed analysis of our customers.

Also, trained, tested model for predicting which first time customer is likely to default 5000 Rupee product loan. 

Achievement: achieved 0.79 F-Beta Score, loan default rate dropped by 40%.

Music Recommendation Engine

Objective: Solve the Cold Start problem, increase engagement, Collect data of users on the music application

Used Music Information Retrieval (MIR) from the library by Vienna university Used features like rhythm pattern, temporal descriptor, etc( Approx 2000dimensions of one song) Used Locality Sensitive Hashing algorithm ,Episilon Greedy Approach for recommendation

Technology: Python, Protobuf, Konga, Redis 

ResultSolved Cold start Real-time music recommendation engine for use base of 50million users

BackEnd Developer Projects

Kartavya Delayed Queue

Objective: Increase efficiency of operations by delayed/real-time notifications (Close to 100Million Notifications per day)

Delayed Queue Code Named Kartavya, is a smart queue which enqueue delayed actions inside the queue ,then performs action at scheduled Time.

Created Delay push message to the target, At-lease-once delivery, Fail and retry mechanism Queue is accessed via 3 Rest API calls, to push message, to query schedule, delete a schedule, Added to take a snapshot to Redis.

Technology: Redis, Golang, AWS Cloud Result: Created the system with less cost and increased efficiency

Kyc Microservice

Developed a Microservice that encapsulates business logic for Video KYC of Karza and Signzy

Technologies : Golang

Data Pipelines

Built large data pipelines that migrate data from AWS Athena to BigQuery for analytics. 
Used Python Celery for multiprocessing

API Gateway setup Kong

Was responsible for setting up API Gateway called Kong, Configured all services and routes into Kong. Configured plugins for ACL, OAuth2, Request Termination. 

Document Verification Service  

Created Golang gRPC powered micro-service for extracting data from documents like Aadhar Pan, and voterid using OCR.

Also created aadhar e-signing document flow for signing documents via NSDL.

Technologies: Golang

SuperMoney Entire Backend API (2016 -Present)

Created and handling the entire backend for a product called SuperMoney, the entire rest APIs uses Spring Hibernate. Experience in Spring Framework such as Spring MVC. Strong hands-on experience with Spring IO, Spring Boot

AscertLogger Microservices for AT&T

Built a highly scalable logger service using Golang that can handle a million writes per 10sec.

Used channels extensively, Wrote code for log rotation, and log compression.

Technologies: Golang

Event Notification Engine 

Objective Build Golang web service that uses GoogleCloud pub-sub for creating a Notification system

Wrote GRPC based web service in Golang and created a processor which listens to the subscriber and sends notifications to users. 

Role- Was responsible for creating and deploying the system into docker end to end. Was also partly responsible for High-Level System Design

Technologies: Golang  

GPS Web Service  

 Built an logger service in Golang that can handle million writes of gps coordinates per 10sec,used channels extensively,Wrote code for detailed summary stats of gps coordinates like Distance travelled in a day ,

Which coordinate is likely to be his home.

Role- Was responsible for creating and deployment of system into docker end to end. Was also partly responsible for High Level System Design

Client : Supermoney

Technologies: Golang  


Objective: Pull data by pinging 5000+ Cinemas for seat allocation

Built an entire seat occupancy module that pinged 2500 cinemas by generated schedules, and capture the real-time seat occupancy at that particular time, all that information was stored in the queuing system which was later consumed by the SeatOccupancy engine that shows real-time seat allocation in cinemas. Also solved race conditions when concurrently many users were booking a seat which happened during peak season

Technology Nodejs, RabbitMQ, Mysql, Golang.

Achievement : Was able to perform high I/O and store seat allocation data efficiently  


Masters in Computer Applications 2010-2013 

Computer Science Major (Full Time)

Bachelors in Computer Science 2007-2010

Computer Science Major

Personal Details

DOB :25-08-1989

Birth Place :Mumbai.

Languages: English, Hindi and Marathi.

Marital status : Married

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