Vincent Tu / 屠耕偉

  • Self-driven full-stack web developer.
  • Apply OOD concepts / SOLID principles / Design Patterns to structure the code to be more maintainable and extendable.
  • Familiar with Agile development process, cooperate with product manager, designers, and engineers by running scrum.
  • Familiar with troubleshooting and implementing new tech into the project.

[email protected]
+886 0911925266
Taipei, Taiwan


Running the resource raising platform and build the extension projects using Metero.js / MongoDB with my partners when I'm senior student in the University. The platform is especially for charity foundations or related organizations like the Kickstarter for NGO or NPO.

Currently, working as a core full-stack developer in a C2C language learning platform - AmazingTalker.  Integrate Vue.js / Webpack into Rails project building SPA to enhance the user experience. Ensure the code quailty, maintability by applying TDD in developemnet lifecycle.

Face every criticisms and failure in my life as opportunities of self-challenges.


Ruby (Rails / Grape / Rack)

  • Design and Developing Grape API with swagger as API spec document interface.
  • Familiar with 3rd party service
    • Omniauth with Devise to implement google plus and facebook registration and login features
    • Twilio(SMS service) / telegram bot / payment system / affiliate marketing / facebook graph api / Airbrake to trace the production server bug
  • Familiar using gems to enhance the building features
  • Async Job and Corn Job with Sidekiq and Sidetiq
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of frontend and backend development with foreman and webpack.
  • Familiar dealing with i18n form friendly URL to table translations
  • Websocket implementation ( ActionCable / Rack middleware with Faye gem )
  • SEO metatag / sitemap generation / Gmail schema
  • TDD
    • RSpec / Factory Girl
    • Guard to watch the testing changing
    • Growl for notification
  • Refactoring and Performance tunning
    • Performance enhancement with counter cache/server cache
    • Customize exception handling
    • View Object / Form Object / Service Object / Query Object
    • Metaprogramming
    • OOD / SOLID principles / Design patterns

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

  • Familiar with jQuery.
  • Using HAML / SASS in Rails project.
  • Using Ajax / Axios to communicate with RESEful API.
  • Integrate webpack into Rails project.
  • Using Vue.js in Rails project.
  • Using React and Flux in Rails project to build an app like Tweeter features like following and tweets.
  • Use loadash to clear javascript code.
  • Implement OOD using ES6.
  • Using Full Calendar to build appointment system.
  • Using cookies to implement different state of the page.
  • Using Highchart to draw the income plot.
  • Build an app with Node.js with Express.

Server / DevOps

  • Nginx / Passanger / Capistrano automate deploing process
  • Hosting Production / Staging Ubuntu Server
  • Using AWS EC2
  • Using Docker

Git / GitHub / BitBucket

  • Familiar with add / commit / stash / branch / checkout / merge / rebase / reset / pull / push / init / cherry-pick ... commands.
  • Using Git flow to co-work with other team members

Bash script

  • Basic file manipulation commands.
  • Using curl to test the server api and download resources.
  • Customize alias / script to zshrc file

Others Skill

  • Using chrome dev tools to debugging.
  • Knowledge managements with Quiver / Evernote / Markdown scripts.

Professional Experience

Core Full-Stack Web Developer in AmazingTalker, 14 Sep 2016 - Present 


AmazingTalker is a C2C language learning platform which provides fully immersive language experience, It makes students be able to learn with native speakers online around the world.

Serve as a core full-stack developer as helping both features designing and implementations.


  - Develop the process from frontend til backend that enhances 35% efficiency and effectiveness conversion rate which global language teachers applying successfully and granted to teach in AmazingTalker. (14% -> 49%)

  - Implement the separation of frontend and backend by integrating webpack into Rails. Reduce the communication barriers between frontend and backend engineers and improve the development efficiency nearly 50%.

  - Desing and Develop the payment process with marketing logic to increase the income of the platform.

  - Temporary Deputy of CTO (right after 2weeks from recruiting)

  - Design and Develop RESTful API and organize the whole backend structure.

  - Co-work with Web Tech Topic opensource meet up  https://github.com/AmazingTalker/web-tech-topic

Self-Learning Project, 14 Mar 2016 - 14 Sep 2016

- Achievements:

 - Capable of design and develop features from frontend to backend.

 - Capable of self-learning and solve problems during the stage of developing.

- Challenge me to build various app

  - Vue.js on rails project (from 1:06:15)


  - react + flux with rails

  - Capistrano to automate the deployment of current project to AWS EC2

Core Member in WeCare, Aug 2014 - Apr 2015


WeCare is a platform like Kickstarter special for charities, NGOs, NPOs. It aims to help the inefficiency and waste among different charity organizations.

Serve as a key member of WeCare team as helping both business and engineering. 


 - Won the competition of Samsung APP star 

   - https://goo.gl/XtUiye (The first person second row from left in the first photo) 

 - Participate ASIA BEAT startup events 

   - https://goo.gl/bpKSuq (The team of NCTU) 

 - EO Global Student Entrepreneur Award Global Finalist 2015

   - https://goo.gl/d7c6JE  (Company name - WeCare)


Bachelor's Degree / NCHU - Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering, Sep 2010 - Feb 2015

Plan of Improvements

Frontend Tech Improvement, July - Aug 2017

- Design and Implement System Architect

  - Building Frontend Server using Node.js with Express

  - Building Backend Server using Rails

  - Using NUXT.js for frontend solution

Digging in DevOps, Sep - Oct   2017

- Implement auto scaling and CI / CD with the following tools:

 - Kubernetes

 - Docker

 - ELK(ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana)

 - Chef

 - AWS services

 - Serveless implementation

Build native iOS App, Nov - Dec 2017

- Using GraphQL for backend API solution 
- Design and Build iOS app with swift 
- Digging Deep in Database

Getting Started with Machine Learning, Dec 2016 - future

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