ChangYao Yin


New Taipei City, Taiwan

[email protected]

Seasoned team leader with outstanding leadership, planning and organizational skills. Strategic-thinking individual experienced in successfully engaging employees and encouraging each to reach at the highest potential. Recognized for accomplished variety projects with exceptional project management abilities, negotiation skills and results-driven approach.

Work Experience

Manager  •  Pou Chen Corporation (Nov-2007 - Present)

Project Manager Team Leader

  • Planned, designed and scheduled various types of projects including but not limited to LEAN Manufacturing, production management systems, IoT applications, and SCADA. 
  • Facilitated meetings between stakeholders to discuss deliverables, schedules and conflicts.
  • Initiated and executed projects, cooperated with multiple functional teams to meet project needs.
  • Coordinated daily activity and flow of projects through multiple departments to verify on-time product delivery.
  • Managed costs, schedules, risks, resources and schedule to meet project goals.

Industrial Engineering & Performance Analysis Team Leader

  • Formulated and ran index systems for production management and business operation.
  • Identified and researched inefficiencies and inaccuracies in processes and procedures.
  • Gathered and analyzed numbers to determine trends and made data-driven recommendations to organizations to improve business performance.
  • Identified, analyzed and implemented improvement opportunities. Applied business process improvement practices to re-engineer methodologies and principles.
  • Coached business leaders on LEAN production, Manufacture Excellent and IE applications

Director  •  Taiwan Businessmen's Dongguan School (Feb'05 - Jun'07)

Director of Educational Resource Center

  • Designed information education programs with emphasis on interactive learning.
  • Created and implemented on-line programs for teachers and students.
  • Analyzed instructor, student and class trends to make proactive decisions about program operations.
  • Supervised multi-functional teams of technology professionals 
  • Managed library operation.
  • Managed computer assets and infrastructures

Deputy Manager  •  Goodway Sports Co. (Aug' 03 - Jan'05)

Chief Information Officer 

  • Polled department heads to assess current and projected IT needs.
  • Searched for and approved purchases of new equipment.
  • Built IT infrastructure to support key business strategies and evolving processes.
  • Supervised multi-functional teams of technology professionals, coders and support experts.
  • Implemented management systems to support business operations.


2002 - 2003

University at Albany - State University of New York

M.S. in Information Science and Policy

1993 - 1998

Da-Yeh University (DYU)

B.S. in Environmental Engineering


LEAN Production

Succeeded 7 large scale Improvement cases with

  • UPMH / performance raised >20%
  • LT shortened >15%
  • WIP reduced >13%

IoT, Digitization and Automation Projects

  • Successfully executed 10+ IoT projects
  • Held group-wild IE system implantation project for 50+ factories and kept running
  • Planed SCADA structure and executed 4 implantation projects
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