Tsung-Hsuan, Hsieh

I'm a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Computer Science in National Taiwan University. I consider myself a hard-working and self-demanding person. Currently I'm a software intern in HTC, helping maintain and develop new website features.

I'm interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and also website technologies. My first website is built with Django framework, and currently employed a website on Heroku, having the feature of sign-in/out and everyday crawling (however, it is not maintained anymore). After that, I also spent time learning Node.JS + React.JS for full-stack web development. There are some apps built by React.JS and Node.JS archived on my github repository. Moreover, I'm using Hugo for building my blog. I post paper summary and other articles sharing experiences on my blog at times.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0903218706 (may not be available all the time)

Main Skills


  • Pytorch
  • OpenCV
  • Django
  • Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy
  • Selenium, Beautiful Soup


  • implement algorithm
  • familiar with STL
  • Project:
    • A web server implemented mainly by C++

Web Frontend

    • Familiar with common CSS usage (e.g. flex)
  • React.JS (mainly used)
    • Familiar with Material UI library
    • GraphQL client
  • Projects:
    • Poem and music browser
    • Sport team system

Web Backend

  • Django
    • Relational DB
  • Node.JS
    • RESTful API
    • Non-relational DB (MongoDB)
    • GraphQL server
  • Projects:
    • Crawling website (Django)
    • GPA calculator (Node.JS)

Machine Learning

  • Implement mainly with Pytorch
  • Notes about machine learning related paper (on my blog)
  • Projects:
    • Face recognition on various loss functions
    • Optical music recognition
    • Few-shot learning
    • Mango image classification

Other Skills


  • Experience of collaborating with others


  • Deployment experiences


  • Used to build my blog

Work experience

HTC, Software Intern (Jun 2021 - Now)

As a software intern, I helped maintain backend services and wrote some tools to accelerate website testing.

Algorithm Design and Analysis, Teaching Assistant (Sep 2021 - Jan 2022)

Design homework problems and answer classmates' questions


National Taiwan University, Bachelor of Computer Science  (2018 / 9 - Now)

Overall GPA 4.0+

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