Vishal Dhudum

I am a passionate Software Developer with 4.5 years of work experience in product-based industry. At work I have been using Angular, Flutter and React for creating UI for various responsive, small to large scale web applications and mobile apps from Wire-frames and PSD with Agile Methodology. Have been working in a small to large size teams creating re-usable and unit testable components and integrating them with AJAX calls.  


[email protected]

+91 7977239019

Mumbai, India



  • JavaScript (4.5 years)
  • HTML/CSS (4.5 years)
  • Dart (8 months)


  • jQuery (4.5 years)
  • React (2 years)
  • Redux (2 years)


  • Angular Js 1.6 (1.5 year)
  • Bootstrap (2 years)
  • Material UI (2 years)

Work Experience

Datamatics, Senior Software Developer, Oct 2020 ~ Present

Projects : Bupa Connect, Care ease and eSurvey 

Technologies : JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

  • Bupa Connect is a project in which insurance consultants can create quotes for there customers.
  • In Care ease Hospital Admins can create various task for there staff and also patients  can access their reports and prescribed medicines.
  • ESurvey is basic project were Datamatics clients can provide there feedback and raise concerns.
  • I am responsible for implementing new features, updating and fixing bugs in existing functionalities.
  • Have basic knowledge of Unit testing using Grunt.
  • Have good debugging and analysis skills.

AvenDATA GmbH, Software Developer, April 2017 ~ Sep 2020

Project : ViewBox (Team of 50+)
Technology : Angular 1.6

  • ViewBox is a web application for managing and exporting SAP & non-SAP data of an Archived System.
  • As a team member I was responsible for developing reusable components and bug fixes for various pages and functionalities.

Project : RefundFox (Team of 2)
Technologies : Flutter & Flutter_Flux

  • Works on OCR technology for scanning invoices and providing report of travel expenses for reimbursement. 
  • I was responsible for re-developing UI of a Swift based IOS app in Flutter with Flutter Flux for state management. 
  • Worked on Google Maps API for searching and routing. 
  • Have working knowledge of Unit, Widget and Integration testing.

Project : AvenGaurd (Team of 2)
Technologies : 
Angular 6 

  • AvenGaurd is a web application for managing all servers and different ports available. 
  • I was responsible for developing multiple data tables and integrating the back-end API.

Project : View Builder (Team of 2)
Technologies : Angular 6

  • View Builder is a web application which converts client database to a format supported by companies legacy project ViewBox. 
  • I was responsible for developing a simple UI for the internal use of the project in the company.
  • Have learned and worked on Angular 6 and TypeScript.

Project : Wohnhilfen (Team of 1)
Technologies : React & Redux

  • Wohnhilfen is a web app used for searching housing Aids for Homeless using suitable filters.
  • Developed a dynamic UI from wire-frames and integrate it with API.
  • Worked on Google Maps API for searching and marking locations. 

Project : Cobiax (Team of 2)
Technologies : React & Redux

  • Cobiax is a construction-based web app for selecting company’s right product based on calculations for safety of the structure(buildings).  
  • I was responsible for re-developing and designing of a Linux based software into a web app.
  • Used PDF.js for rendering pdf reports of calculation. 
  • Used re-resizable for showing a resizable custom drawn 2D model of the structure based on calculations on a HTML Canvas 

Project : Orga (Team of 2) 
Technologies : React & Redux

  • Orga is a web application for a School to monitor students attendance and performance. 
  • I was responsible for developing UI with graphs and pie charts and User Management. 

Project : Griep (Team of 3) 
Technologies : React & Redux

  • Griep is a web application for a construction company for managing employees and their all ongoing projects. 
  • I was responsible for developing and designing UI as per client request.

Big Rattle, Intern Software Developer, Sep 2016 ~ Mar 2017

Projects : Celio, Aansav and Hansa Cequity (Team of 2) 

Technologies : JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

  • Celio is ecommerce website selling men's wear.
  • Ansav is a website for Goa based real estate company.
  • Hansa Cequity is a website for company which helps small business to grow and acquire customers.
  • Developed responsive web applications for these projects from PSD and wire-frames.
  • Integrate pages with Laravel framework.
  • Used SVN for maintaining code.



Rajaram Shinde College of Engineering, Mumbai University, 2016

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhandup, CBSE Board, 2010


Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhandup, CBSE Board, 2008

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