Vlad Batrinu

passionate about logic, critical thinking, logical fallacies and cognitive biases

iOS Software Developer
Iasi City, RO
[email protected]

Work Experience

GoHelpFund, iOS and Business Developer, Dec 2017 ~ Aug 2019

co-founder, Business Developer & iOS Developer

1. Technical side:

- Implemented MVVM architecture for GoHelpFund iOS Platform
- Implemented OAuth2, integrated and displayed data from APIs from different exchanges.
- Implemented onboarding and campaign creation flows, using the research made on UI & UX to keep a minimal and efficient design.
- Implemented several screens for campaign list, campaign details on a multi-tab structure.

2. Business side
• Raised $250,000 by pitching our business strategy to a lot of potential investors and increased our exposure by attending multiple startup conferences and events

• Validated our business idea by discussing with NGOs around the country and identifying the problem they actually had, and that the problem is painful enough that they were willing to pay to solve it

• Validated the MVP by helping an NGO raise over $130,000 at a charity event through our platform

I've been able to raise several investments, both from EU and private investors. I've managed to get our project listed on exchanges, increased the community of supporters for the humanitarian fundraising platform and blockchain.

I've been managing the content creation for our blog (, assuring constant communication with our supporters, mainly using twitter and telegram in order to distribute our blog posts.
I've also been working on NGO partnerships and other important business connections, pitching our project at networking events. I've implemented the concepts from Lean Startup by using short development cycles in order to get validated learning. By having lots of discussions with our customers (NGOs and companies interested in CSR) we're building the product based on their needs and feedback.


Softvision, iOS Software Engineer, Jun 2017 ~ Feb 2018

1. Groupon App

- Team extension for Groupon Development Center from Silicon Valley 25-30 iOS Developers, 6-7 in Iasi, 7-8 in Cluj and over 15 in Silicon Valley - Handled a huge codebase, written in both Swift and Objective C. - Implemented development and delivering best practices, coming straight from a top company from Silicon Valley - Implemented unit testing, automation testing, advanced git concepts, local and international team meetings, demos, continuous delivery, tracking and sending statistics, etc.
- Every feature was implemented using an AB Test, so I worked heavily with AB Test architecture and mindset.
- Search & Discovery vertical, implementing small and medium features
- Display categories and subcategories, doing bugfixes, code review.
- Recent search functionality, create UML and DataFlow Diagrams that will help other developers
- User tracking features track all users actions and flows

2. Internal projects

- Advanced Swift courses and prototype apps. Practiced with protocols and generics and gain deep understanding in swift language and the differences between Objective C & Swift.
- I've been part of the iOS Community which helped me a lot with code reviews and advice
- Watched all WWDC 2017 videos, made several presentations about the presented concepts and created small projects to demonstrate the technological changes.
- Held presentations in the entire company and also for iOS Community from


Sourcetask, iOS Developer, Feb 2015 ~ Apr 2017

Team Lead and Scrum Master on several projects. Published several applications in the App Store. Obj C & Swift

1. CheckedIn: A social network based on location interests
- started from scratch with another developer
- integrated XMPP framework for communication and implemented a real-time chat
- developed drag & drop features, complex edit screens that mimic Tinder behavior
- integrated several public APIs and worked intensely with Foursquare API
- migrated on a different backend
- worked on hotel management, bookings, filters

2. Howzit / Yaddabe: A chat application with several levels and ways to interact
- real-time chat implemented using WebSockets
- implemented social media features: newsfeed, trending, like, comment, reply, follow, notification management, etc
- complex customized layout for chat

3. OneTouch by Johnson & Johnson: A management app for diabetics that connects and syncs with a physical device for blood data
- worked with a dedicated team from India and several consultants from the USA, Canada, and Germany
- started the project and designed the base architecture
- worked on the animated onboarding flows
- worked on manual entering food, activity and blood data (custom layout using modal components)
- worked with SQLite database

4. ExpoPass App - Event Management App that simplifies the networking processes in a live event/conference
- iOS Lead and Scrum Master
- implemented the entire architecture (REALM database, MOYA networking layers, MQTT web sockets for real-time updates, locks and sync mechanisms for multi-thread management, multiple storyboards for different components, local and push notifications, reusable utils, and helpers, etc)
- worked on a complex real-time updates system that changed the UI when the server sent messages via a web socket
- full offline support and sync with server when the internet returns
- payment integration using Stripe
- Twitter API integration


Xivic, Inc, iOS Developer, May 2015 ~ Nov 2015

Worked on different reusable components. The objective was to create a solid base of features and components that are used in most iOS Applications. Worked with:
- Maps
- Games (mini-puzzle)
- Settings
- Side menus
- Custom collection view layouts
- Game center
- Social components (like, comment, reply)
- Quiz
- Onboarding processes
- Animations


Maxcode, iOS Developer, Jul 2013 ~ May 2015

Worked in a Scrum environment and learned a lot about Agile Methodology.
Experimented with the Scrum Master role and closely learned from other Scrum Masters about the processes: daily standup meetings, estimations, planning, grooming, technical meetings, retrospective, demo.
Worked on Superevent iOS app, a platform for managing events.
Acknowledged the technical and business aspects of a Whitelabel / branded application.
Worked with a complex codebase, managing to integrate new dynamic features.



Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, 2012 ~ 2015

Graduated with 9.12/10

Computer Science Highschool, High School Diploma, Computer Science, 2008 ~ 2012

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