Volodymyr Isai

Software Engineer  •  [email protected]

I ❤ technology and have more than 10 years of professional experience with both web and software development. I started programming when I was a kid and it soon became my hobby and later a career. A constant learner who is passionate about delivering results. 

Work Experience

Soundsnap, Software Engineer, Jan 2020 ~ Present

Adding new functionality and maintaining code base at Soundsnap, world largest sound effect library with more than 400 000 sounds and 3 million registered users.
  • Took part in managing developer virtual machine, cross-platform vagrant box containing local kubernetes cluster (minikube) and various scripts and tools to ease developers work
  • Took part in creation of a cloud infrastructure using Kubernetes and helm and migrating company main app from dedicated server to the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Took part in creation of a micro service responsible for mass transcode and import of audio files to S3 which increased total number of audio files in company audio library from 280k to 30k in 25 days and reduce storage costs drastically.
  • Implemented AWS Signature algorithm in custom module which is now used for signing all API request between company microservices under high load (up to 300 simultaneous connections).
  • Create mail sending module and subsystem for splitting load utilising different email delivery API's (Elastic & SendGrid) which is responsible for sending more than 200 000 emails per month.
  • Created more than 200 automated end-to-end tests and integrated them to the developer environment and to CD pipeline.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, S3, Algolia, Vagrant, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Javascript, NodeJs, PHP, Drupal, Go, Python, Bash, HTML, CSS, SAAS, Vue, Git.

M.O.B. Interier, Full Stack Engineer, Apr 2018 ~ Dec 2019

Delivered new features and maintaining codebase of one of the biggest ecommerce companies in Slovakia. Created various system for both internal employees use and customers of company websites, including: 
  • Subsystem for integration multiple partners shops into company own internal ecommerce management system (processed more than 10 000 orders over the year under high load without any issues) 
  • Developed Trello-like online Kanban board system  that connected warehouse and logistic department and decrease average reclamation processing time from 10 days to 3 hours. 
  • Took part in developing of database management system which was heavily used by database department. 
  • Developed multiple payment gateways using third party payment APIs.
  • Developed module for Google Analytics integration, different feed generation scripts and custom API's
  • Worked on backend, frontend and server configurations for following websites: novynabytok.sk, hezkynabytek.cz, zondo.ro, zondo.hu, nabytok-mirjan24.sk, mirjan24.cz, top-nabytok24.sk and top-nabytek24.cz
  • Changed development workflow for team of 3 developers by creating unified development environment using docker containers. 
Technologies: Docker, PHP, Javascript, Webpack, SASS, CSS, HTML, React, CouchDb, MySQL, Bash, Git.

Good Guys Builders Group Inc, Lead Software Engineer, Jan 2017 ~ Apr 2018

Lead a team of 3 developers, took part in planing development lifecycle, creating scope statements and choosing technologies. 
  • Implementing agile methodology. - Perform interviews and gave recommendations about hiring. - Successfully refactored massive legacy code base, migrated YII2 web application written in PHP 4.3.9 to PHP 7.0, created documentation, implementing code standards and best practices. 
  • Was responsible for technical development management of multiple projects & products. 
  • Was doing development, debugging and maintaining of company construction design software Vector Smart using Visual Basic, .NET and TurboCAD API 
  • Connecting desktop construction application to company websites though APIs. - Moved production server in the cloud (DigitalOcean) and automated deployment process. 
  • Developed company product promotion website – www.hawk-igpspunchclock.com
  • Took part in developing of company CRM system, creating scope statement, cost calculations, development plan and actually taking part in development (Linux, Nginx, PHP, JavaScript, VueJS, Laravel framework). 
  • Mentoring and helping newcomers to get on board as quick and efficient as possible, doing code reviews and participating in scrum process. 
Technologies: Visual Basic, .Net, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Nginx, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Git, YII, Laravel, Wordpress

Freelancehunt.com, Full Stack Engineer, Dec 2015 - Jul 2016

  • Done a various types of tasks: data extraction & processing, penetration testing, web development and different types of automation
  • Managed to have a 100% positive feedback rate without any negative reviews while working there for more than a year 
  • Manage to reach top 10% web developers by Freelancehunt.com rating. https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/uhhu_net.html

UHHU, Full Stack Engineer, Jun 2008 ~ Dec 2015

Supporting local companies with web development expertise. 


traveltables.com Nov 2016 – Present

Compare cost of living in for more than 3000 cities around the world. Site is translated to 10 languages and has more than 3k visitor daily. This entire site is made by me and I managing it in my free time since 2016. 

Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Lambda, Go, Hugo, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, VueJs, React, Webpack, SAAS, CSS, HTML, Redis, MariaDb, PostgreSQL, Bash, Git, CI/CD with blue green deployments.

olenaisai.com Apr 2020 – Present

Presentation website for Olena Isai, modern Ukrainian visual artist. 

Technologies: NodeJs, JavaScript, GatsbyJS, Webpack, SAAS, CSS, HTML, Git


Kyiv National Economic University, Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor's degree Business/Managerial Economics, 2008 ~ 2012

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